[1.15.2] Looking for a plugin similar to the Set Bonus mod

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by DeleteMetaInf, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Set Bonus is a mod that lets you define items that give players status effects or attributes while they are in their inventories. These items can be items with custom names and lore, and for the item to give an effect or attribute, it needs to exactly the same name, lore, and whatever other NBT tags you choose.

    You can choose which type of slot the item needs to be in to give that effect or attribute, be it in an armour slot, in the hotbar, in the main inventory, in the off-hand, or in any slot.

    If you don’t know what exactly attributes are, they can modify things such as attack damage, move speed, luck, etc.

    It’s a fantastic mod, and I’m looking for a plugin that can do the same.

    I’ve found a few plugins that can let you make armour give status effects, but they’re all outdated except for Armor Set Effects. When it comes to that plugin, its config confuses me, and it doesn’t have commands to create these sets in-game. Besides, it only supports armour and doesn’t let you set attributes.

    Does anybody know about a plugin or multiple plugins that can do this and work in 1.15.2?
  2. You mean something like this?