1.15 Bees Holiday Update | 1.16 Nether Update

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  1. That was my initial thought, though they may do it at the beginning of December so that if any game-breaking bugs occur there are people in the office to fix them and they aren't just left in the game while their offices are closed for the holidays.
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  2. Call me pessimistic but it seems that Mojang have a long history of :

    Add 1 feature which breaks 3 old features.
    Fix 1 bug which adds 3 more bugs.
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  3. Celebrimbor


    Yep, here is the fix log for 19w40a. Just fixing bugs introduced in Snapshots (besides a few minor 1.14 bugs)...which is still not the end of the world at this point. If we reach the end of October and there is no investment into performance, that's when I'll start getting concerned, assuming they actually plan on releasing in December.

    https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-153298?jql=project = MC AND fixVersion = 19w40a

  4. Speaking of server fixes, we supposedly got one that was not noted from the tracker:

    A performance issue fixed in patrol mob's pathfinding
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    • MC-153298 - Wandering Traders spawn inside small spaces, such as farms
    • MC-158843 - Mobs can no longer spawn on jack’o’lanterns and redstone lamps
    • MC-159843 - Exploded Bee Nests/Beehives don’t releases Bees and don’t keep them inside the block
    • MC-160499 - Baby bees suffocate when against a solid block ceiling
    • MC-160586 - Bees enter the burning nest or hive
    • MC-160589 - Bees will not escape from the burning nest or hive
    • MC-160590 - Bees don’t leave the nest or hive, when the nest or hive is destroyed by flames
    • MC-160887 - Right-clicking an adult mule with spawn egg does not spawn baby mule
    • MC-161831 - Some blocks/entities are rendered transparent when looking at them from certain angles
    • MC-161851 - Block animations are way too fast
    • MC-161852 - End portal and end gateway texture is rendered offset
    • MC-161853 - Breaking animation is rotated and positioned incorrectly and will follow the player’s mouse cursor
    • MC-161858 - Turtles don’t look right; legs are completely detached from the body
    • MC-161871 - Programmer art enchantment glint has not been updated to the new resource pack format
    • MC-161877 - Mipmap levels are not handled correcty / flickering leaves and other blocks
    • MC-161879 - Hitbox of transparent blocks, such as slime blocks, stained glass or ice, appears behind the block texture
    • MC-161882 - Game crashes when player model is rendered after the player is stung by a bee
    • MC-161887 - Glowing effect doesn’t respect texture transparency
    • MC-161894 - Hitboxes render behind portals, water and shulker boxes
    • MC-161902 - Game crashes when a turtle ridden by an illager enters water
    • MC-161905 - Sign text glows in the dark
    • MC-161908 - Programmer art chest textures have not been updated to the new resource pack format
    • MC-161909 - Programmer art banner pattern textures have not been updated to the new resource pack format
    • MC-161916 - If the player is inside of a block, that block is no longer rendered
    • MC-161931 - Lower player model not showing while in a boat
    • MC-161946 - Baby polar bear model is broken
    • MC-161995 - Baby panda model is completely broken
    • MC-162054 - Glowing effect also applies to the blocks below the affected mob

    From all of these, only around 3-4 exist in older versions. Everything other is from 1.15 snapshots, meaning that
    is being confirmed

    EDIT: Mojang's issue tracker has 20 pages of issues, around 2 pages are being filled with issues coming from 1.14 and 1.15 snapshots
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  5. Some overdue fixes for animals like tamed wolves are coming (19w41a?):

    MC-156005 - Tamed wolves do no longer teleport to the player when they're in water
    MC-120480 - Pets teleport onto blocks which have a solid "bottom", not "top" face
    MC-145021 - Tamed animals are not able to teleport to the player when they are on the snow layer blocks

    Perhaps more viable for PvP situations?
  6. Out of all the new mechanical/villager profession blocks received in 1.14 had functionality except smithing table and fletching table, and it was thought we would see them added in 1.15. However, this is not the case.
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  7. My guess is they will be done when the combat changes are finished. Maybe they're planning some new things to happen for tools/weapons/arrows/tipped arrows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  8. I have sh!t a lot about the lack of bug fixes in the tracker for servers, but I decided to look beyond that.

    I am not sure if anyone's tested the 1.15 server.jar, but I have actually found chunk loading to work wayyyyyy better than in 1.14, I am able to fly with speed 5 and chunks are loading farther out than in 1.14 where you will lag and be TPed back from chunks loading too slow. So maybe they changed stuff we haven't noticed, but it is looking hopeful.
  9. Celebrimbor


    Hmm, I'd be interested in a performance test comparison 1.14.4 vs. Latest 1.15-Snapshot. Vanilla jars of course (No Spigot or Paper). Would be very worth reporting those findings if someone had the time/resources to do that testing.

    View Distance 10 (or whatever, so long as it's large enough to be scientific)
    Test #1: Fly at speed loading new chunks.
    Test #2: Fly at speed reloading previously loaded chunks.

    Curious... :unsure:
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  10. I don't think this will be fixed in this week's update but it's good that they are looking into this

    MC-147548 Terrible performance with large forest fires
  11. Celebrimbor


    Does not really do much for mechanics unless they add more functions to golems. It would be really cool if you could hire golems to be mob sentry in your base (they do not leave a defined area).

    I guess you kind of can with the village mechanics, but that is limited.
  12. Seems like there is no solid mechanical change, other than the fact that the Golems now "crack" when you damage them.
    So you're just healing the poor bastards. Make them happy again.

    On another note, lets play a good ol game of...



    loving the zombie's new head.
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  13. Next snapshot: All blocks are flying, you must leap to them to not fall and die to void.
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  14. Strange, the zombie heads showed up white in yours but black in mine?
  15. Multicultural?!?!
    JK, I think its cause I had a resource pack on. Once I turned off the resource pack, the heads went black.