1.15 Buzzy Bees Update | 1.16 Nether Update

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  1. I personally can't see them open sourcing the entire project, that would mean other games could use their code.
    I could see them "shared sourcing" it, which in turn would be just as helpful to the modding community.
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    Ppl can use their code now, especially now with the mappings.
    And I mean, full open source isn't even needed, just do it like authlib and stuff, just throw the source on launchermeta. Would be enough.
  3. I like how 2 weeks ago, everyone was freaking out over the update with negativity; "we didn't ask for bees, why is mojang wasting time on this", and now we're all jumping up and down due to them making significant improvements regarding performance, bugs and and these kind of community things (sure, its not perfect yet, but it's a great step).

    This is why you hold yer tits when the first snapshot releases.
  4. totally agree. I was thinking about what Hytale is going to do, just making their source available. Which is 100% what MC should be doing at this point (at least with the server)... I mean, what are we hiding?

    Haha I totally agree with this too.

    Im super confused on this update though.

    Back in 1.13 they said "We have themes planned for 1.14, 1.15, 1.16"
    14 was obviously village and pillage.
    15 they said "We will announce the major theme at MINECON" I was assuming it would be something big.

    Now they are saying the theme is "bees and bug fixes" and no need features will be added to 1.15?

    So either 1 of 2 things happened
    1) Back in 1.13 when they planned these themes, the 1.15 theme was "bug fixes" ?!?! WTF ... why not just do bug fixes in all your other versions
    2) 1.15 had a big theme, and they decided to scrap it for now (or push it back to 1.16) and focus of bugs/performance.

    or secret option 3) a big theme is still coming but they're keeping it on the down low?!?!
  5. Eh, well yeah, it's only been the 2nd (or 3rd) snapshot. We said the same thing about the first snapshots. Just patiently await the new snapshots.
  6. I think I'm just confused because they said they will announce the big theme at MINECON, then the last few posts on Mojang's site, as well as sliced limes videos he stated "no more new features coming"

    I guess, like you said, Minecon will reveal all.
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    I guess that Java Ed just gets one extra update while bedrock gets the next themed update a bit faster.
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  8. Reducing jar size.

    The mapping definitely contains field names. Parameter names are just debug information and are probably removed instead of being obfuscated to reduce jar size.
  9. I cant speak for Mini but I think he meant local fields.
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  11. I'm waiting for the "we fixed lag" bug resolutions :p

    Also, I am really hoping we can see Blaze3D soon, it is so hyped up, I can't wait to see the results!
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    Same. The bug tracker is only part of the equation. They might introduce something new that addresses performance without linking it to a specific issue.
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  13. I really want mojang to fix the creepy vision bug that exists in literally every version of minecraft.
  14. Wait, so this isn't a feature?
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  15. it should be at this point lol.
  16. Creepy vision bug? Every version? Ever? Proof?
  17. It's a weird texture rendering bug. You can see it by creating a big plank wall then going away from it around 30 blocks and then getting near 5-6 blocks and you'll see it.
  18. go to 15:24
  19. "NMS is basically deobfuscated" NICE
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