1.15+ has been out for a while now

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  1. Does anyone know yet how 1.15+ performs in a large server environment?

    I'm talking about Survival servers that run 80+ plugins and 100+ player count during peak times.

    When I initially tested it with 1.15.2 with a 24k by 24k world (12k to the border from center) my i7 7700k CPU with 32 gig memory with just me on the server was running at 95% - 110%. This was also after fully pregenerating the entire world.

    With 1.13.2, that same test with only me on the server had my CPU running at 7%-12%
  2. It still doesn't perfom very well. Even with hard optimisations. My solution was to split into servers with shared inventories and stuff.
  3. Yea, that's not going to work on 1.14+ unless you want to destroy mobs and actual gameplay
  4. get used to it, 1.16 introduces loads of new mechanics and mobs and items, it won't be any different.
    i haven't seen any server-side bug reports gettng addressed at all. private ones with serious issues remain ignored as well.
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