Spigot (1.15 Ready) PhysicsToGo -> Physics & Environmental Regeneration 2.0.5

PhysicsToGo is a lightweight physics & environmental regeneration plugin.

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    Thanks for the more detailed explanation.

    I am a dedicated Discord cutter. That may be my loss wrt input, but it keeps me (relatively) sane. The signal-to-noise ratio on Discord is just too low.
  2. Yeah for sure, mate! No worries, discord is just the main communication for me. It is complicated for me to go to 8 different sites to gain information and stuff, so discord is just a redirection basically.

    P.S. Forgot to mention all changes for each plugin is being move to https://www.zotware.dev/ where I provide live update logs and stuff for newest versions
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  3. Hi, I am not so into Discord, way too many souls, way too much talk, so, excuse me for not going there, ill try my luck just here if you don't mind.
    I really like your work on physicstogo, but I shall replenish the file with newest update and start testing with it....

    As I noticed before
    , this is still happening... really, half the forest is beheaded and only repairable if I disable Physicstogo and chop what is left down and replant by hand... I guess that is not what it is supposed to do, is it?
    I hope I sound not too grumpy about it, that's not who I am, I still love your plugin...

    Ps. latest version (11 days old) did the same with the whole forest, now disabling that option, because felling a tree close to a house that has wood in it, is also destroyed.
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  4. Weird thing, Two of our servers I updated with the latest file recent 2.0.4-b, and both servers I compared the config file and made sure they both are the same. On server NH, an explosion occurs, the sound of block placement starts and after a second or 5 the blocks come back in their right place. On server Amigos, same thing, explosion, the sounds start........5 sec. nothing, 10 sec... nothing, nothing.... So I am really puzzled why.
    Please elaborate why this should not be, but it is... sadly...
  5. I'll check this out there should be a range cap preventing that extension.
    I'm not exactly sure I understand what you are referencing here. You are experiencing a sound delay?
  6. Nope, the second server does not restore the ground after the explosion, only the sound is there and further nothing happens... After a while creeperheal kicks in and restores the area... could not yet let this go ....(abandone creeperheal)
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  7. Hello, one question is it possible to add healing of custom explosions as well ? many thanks for the answer.
  8. The regeneration method works off the EntityExplodeEvent provided by Bukkit/Spigot. If a plugin or mod fire that event it will execute the task.
    It's still there but in the form of WorldGuard flags. I'm still experimenting with it, but in general, it should be blocking all protected regions unless a particular flag is added (this is the goal).
  9. very cool plugin, I am waiting for the 1.16 update :D
  10. PTG should be the one that supports 1.16 for the most part, I'm still taking a look to see what handlers changed in particular, but it seems like it functions pretty good in 1.16! Keep an eye out on the discord to i've been releasing some dev build for most of the plugins for 1.16.
  11. What are the flags I can use to allow break-regeneration only in specific worldguard regions? I'm having trouble finding the information.
  12. Report a problem:
    In 1.16.1, large boxes cannot be recovered
  13. Large boxes? Like double chest?
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  15. hi~ would u update to support 1.16.2 plz,and it will cause redstone stop ticks
  16. The plugin supports practically anything. Some issue due to block states are preventing some things, but currently, you have the ability to blacklist materials and such to not go under the effect of the plugin.