Updated version -> 1.16 | New Dark Net sell/buy mechanism | full plugin rework

  1. What or where are the permission nodes to give players the ability to craft each drug? Thank you for your quick response.
  2. hello, this is taken from the overview of the plugin :)
    description: Allows users to consume cocaine!
    description: Allows users to consume ecstasy!
    description: Allows users to consume heroin!
    description: Allows users to consume LSD!
    description: Allows users to consume meth!
    description: Allows users to consume shrooms!
    description: Allows users to consume weed!
  3. realFirstix updated [1.14-1.15] DrugFun | ADD ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES INTO YOUR GAME! | CUSTOMIZABLE DRUG SHOP! with a new update entry:

    Blood tests + Overdoses

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  4. Legoman99573


    I love this update, but i noticed when using /df bloodtest <player> it throws a null pointer if the player is offline or if you make a typo.

    This seems to resolve the problem if someone makes a typo:
    Code (Java):

                    if (args[0].equalsIgnoreCase("bloodtest")) {
                        if (p.hasPermission("drugfun.bloodtest")) {
                           if (Main.bloods.containsKey(Bukkit.getPlayer(args[1])).getUniqueId()) {
                               if (Bukkit.getServer().getPlayer(args[1]).getName().equalsIgnoreCase(args[1])) {
                                   Main.getInfo(p, Objects.requireNonNull(Bukkit.getPlayer(args[1])));
                                   return true;
                                p.sendMessage(Texts.prefix + ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', this.main.getConfig().getString("playerNotOnline")));
                                return false;
                            return false;

                        return false;
  5. will use this, thanks
  6. and how to get coca plant?
  7. anyway can you give tutorial how to make coca leaf etc. cause as a player i cant obtain coca plant etc
  8. theres no way to naturally obtain the drug plants. For players to get them, you can set up a drug dealer shop if you use essentials, or simply hand out a few plants to the player base.
  9. realFirstix updated [1.14-1.15] DrugFun | ADD ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES INTO YOUR GAME! | CUSTOMIZABLE DRUG SHOP! with a new update entry:

    Text slurs

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  11. Does this work in 1.16? =)
  12. I checked, and sadly not :/ ill do what I can to try and make it
  13. if it is for the next one or if you place it it would be great already :)
  14. Legoman99573


    As i tested, drugdealers and stampons still worked for me, but commands throw nullpointers. Not sure if its how i did my fork of it. And i did just finish hex support pretty quickly where you just have to make a class to support both RGB and legacy color codes and check the version the server is running to see if we should try to hex it or use legacy instead. I dont mind helping over discord at anytime if you want ;)

    if it requires vault, it should work with no problems. soo far every economy plugin that uses vault as a dependency still worked as its hooked into vault itself. I am not sure though that they have an API, but would be worth to ask the developer of that plugin to see.

    [edit] I was able to get hex working even though it was quite tricky for blood test and took hours ngl[​IMG]
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  15. Yeah what I noticed, was that there were a bunch of null's there and there when I was testing to see if it worked for 1.16. I definately wouldn't mind some help over discord aswell :)

    the colors look really nice ;o
  16. Legoman99573


    Null checks when adding if else statements fixed it to a degree, but checking args length fixed the problem and there is a bug where player returns null if offline. I did patch it in my fork of this plugin with no problems.
    What is your discord? Mine is @Legoman99573#0069. I might be able to help on the weekend as there is also some bugs still there.
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  17. oh I see the problems, that should be easy to implement in the real plugin. I'll add you !
  18. I have given permissions and players can consume but they DIE instantly no other effects happen. It does not matter what drug. How do I fix that? Also im the OP so I can craft but players cannot even when I have given all permissions. When I try to break the plants I dont get anything. Im on v 1.16.1
  19. 1.16 isnt currently supported fully and there are bugs on it. maybe the overdose amount is set low?
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