Spigot (1.16 Ready) ⍟ Simple Portals ⍟ - Effective Regional Portals (BungeeCord Compatible) 1.5.3

A simple yet effective way to create portals for your server!

  1. Hey there! I just added a quick answer to the FAQ section on the page, if the portal is already made use those commands I listed in the answer. Aside from that, setting the default messages in the lang.yml to "" and then creating a portal will disable them by default!
  2. Ok thanks, i see how to do now :)
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  3. Trying to delete these messages from each of my portals, but everytime I remove them, they just regenerate when I reload the config. I also tried to turn the server off, and edit the config file, then reboot - doesn't help.

    Default config:
    Code (Text):
      message: '&aWelcome to the destination of the &e{name} &aportal!'

      title: '&aThe &e{name} &aportal has been used!'
      sub-title: '&eWelcome to its destination!'
      bar-message: '&aWelcome to the destination of the &e{name} &aportal!'
    Here's what I try to change it to:
    Code (Text):
      message: ''
      title: ''
      sub-title: ''
      bar-message: ''
  4. The messages above consist of an identical question. Please review the FAQ for more specific information. In short, each portal has its own set of these messages. If you created the portal before the update or before setting those to nothing, then it will not take effect for those particular portals since they are saved to that portal. The server must either be stopped and the messages need to be set for each portal to "" in the "portals.yml" or you need to use the new command for each existing portal. All portals from the point where you set them all to "" will not have messages.
  5. Hi, Sir I really love your plugin, but could you add an option for people to get potion effects when they use the portals? I think that would be cool and my server really needs it! Thank you!
  6. Hi sir, it's me again, if you can also add a "Time Period" for players to use the Portal that would be even better! I mean I wish to have a function that allows players to use the portal in specific hours, like 12:00 PM in the real world, is that achievable? Thank you so much!
  7. More animations or at least a better form of animation is planned; however, it is on a lower priority due to some newer ideas.
    This is an interesting concept, I will need to do some thinking on it to offer the feature in a more simplistic formation. In the meantime, the plugin is very friendly with other plugins so if you know of a plugin that utilizes this mechanic you could bridge them!
  8. Hello! Is there a way to set PlaceholderAPI-like thing in this? I wanted to set a command where it needs a [target], I've tried @p, and %player_name%, but none worked. An answer will be very much appreciated! Also a very nice plugin, really useful. Or maybe like I can do "<command>:OP" so the command would run as if the player is "OPed".
  9. The placeholder for the player name is {player}. Please review the "Below is some extra information" under the "Plugin Usage" section on the page! I will also consider adding PlaceholderAPI in a future build!
  10. Oh that makes sense... Keep up the good work!
  11. I want to report that some portals on my server are going missing.

    for example, ive created a portal called "q_missingwooglut_slotminealotnaarbos" on 01-11-2020 @21:10
    this morning the portal was gone, it has been used a bunch of times.

    No /portals delete command was used, its like the portal just vanished with no reason...
    This kind of defeats the purpose of this plugin, so i thought it be smart to say something here about it.

    we currently have 40 portals loaded... is there some kind of max portal limit before the plugin starts deleting portals on its own or something?

    running: Paper version git-Paper-253 (MC: 1.16.3)
  12. There is no limit on portals. It sounds like there may be some form of loading issue in terms of portals loading before worlds or something on those lines. The console should be stating on startup that portals were unable to load due to locations not being found or something along those lines. This is the first report I've gotten related to this so I'll need to see if I can replicate it using some world plugins. I also have plans to switch from the current data storage methods for storage and things along those lines.
  13. ive dugg through the last 2 weeks of server log files to see what the startup/shutdown messagers were and indeed, i found 1 entrie that has me worried. Ive made a screenshot of it: https://imgur.com/oM9qBtQ
    Due to the high amount of errors ive also created a pastebin for allt he errors:

    FYI 04:20:00 is the time my server restarts for maintenance every night. its a simple reboot just to clear the buffers. so it seems so that the corruption of the file takes place when the plugin is unloading.

    I dont know how and why the portals.yml file would get corrupted, since we only use the ingame commands "portals sm" / "portals create" / "portals sl" and lastly "portals delete". in short, we dont mess arround in the portals.yml file itself manually.

    any thoughts on how i can prevent the portals.yml file from getting corrupt and deleting portals on its own ?
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  14. Hey! Is there any way to teleport player to another server location. Like a combination of /portal ss <server1portal> and /portal sl <server1portal> <server2portal>
  15. Hey...
    /portals enable does not work...
    /portals disable toggle between enable an disable.

    Need a fix for adventure map. =)
  16. For some reason the GitHub page linked in the latest resource publish is incorrect. For those needing a direct link to it for whatever reason, here it is: https://github.com/XZot1K/SimplePortals/releases/tag/1.5.2

    Going off of what the plugin author said, I actually found an EXTREMELY simple solution for loading portals that need to load after the rest of the worlds do: the Skript plugin. Using Skript, I was able to write and execute the following code:
    Code (Text):
    on skript load:
      wait 10 seconds
      make console execute command "/simpleportals reload"
    This code goes inside a .sk file (let's name it SimplePortals.sk for sake of this comment, but the name can be ANYTHING) in the main plugins/Skript/scripts folder. Now, every time the server starts (a /reload will also trigger this), 10 seconds after the Skript plugin enables, your SimplePortals portals will reload.
    NOTE: if you change on skript load to be on script load, this code will run every time the script file is reloaded (to reload it manually, type /sk reload SimplePortals.sk - you do not need to specify .sk but you can if you wish; also supports namespaces so you can put the file in another folder, so something like SimplePortals/config.sk could be used)
  17. thanks for that suggestion @TobyMinceraft realy appreciatie that!! But i must be honest and say that i dont want to use another plugin to fix problems with this plugin. im convinced that Xzot1K can fix his own plugin. if i wasnt convinced of that i wouldt be putting in the time to report my issue here. :)

    EDIT: i see that he has a github, ill create an issue there :) sorry for the spam here !