Spigot [1.16] TreeGravity 4.6.0

Chop entire trees down with just one swing!

  1. The Tree Gods have heard your prayers. tgType 4/Gravity should now work with this version :D

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  2. SlimeDog


    I'm not sure what you mean. After a lengthy hiatus, he has made a few pre-releases recently (within the last week). I am hopeful.
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  3. Dudenn updated [1.13] TreeGravity with a new update entry:

    [3.8.0] Added new config setting "chopMethod", fixed sapling autoplant bug, and created new config

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  4. Sweet reply. Will try this on the server, and also try your recommendation.
  5. Sadly, when trying it out, it doesn't seem to work, and no errors posted. Nothing happens when chopping the base of the tree.
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  6. Did you set houseprotection to 0? Also, remember there needs to be a fair bit of leaves on the tree to make it register as a tree.

    Most likely the issue though, is that heard EWG has its own tree feller mechanic. Perhaps TreeGravity and EWG's tree feller are conflicting with one another.
  7. I can definitely do this, give me a few days though.

    Also, thank you so much for the support yesterday! It means a lot that other people wanted and appreciate a plugin like this as much as I did.
  8. Aye definitly did that, as recommended. And the Tree is big as a tall sky scraper.. Not sure if McMmo might be interfering?
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  9. @SomeonePIX @CNguyen Here you go! This version should have all the same features as 3.8.0 except for UpdateChecker; and I also fixed the sapling types. Please let me know of any bugs. Enjoy!

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  10. Thank you very much for this updated plugin, i love it.
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  11. The leaves on the tree slowly disappear after I chop the base of the tree. Is this normal? Isn't the leaves supposed to drop instantly after I chop the base of the tree?
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  12. No, there is no mechanic in this plugin that drops the leaves. The leaves disappearing slowly is the vanilla minecraft behavior for trees. I will be working on a mechanic that does make all logs on a tree fall like gravel/sand, but unfortunately leaves are difficult to have act in a similar fashion since in crowded forests, the leaves of multiple trees usually touch. And with the current logic, making the leaves fall would cause every leaf block touching the tree's leaves to fall too which could be 5 or more trees' leaves. I do have a fix in mind which would get the tree's specs, isolate the blocks in the most likely cubic area of the tree, and only make those blocks fall.

    That will take time though, and unfortunately I don't have much at the moment as I am very busy. Soonest I can get started on something like that would be exactly a month from now. Thank you for your comment! All questions and feedback help, because honestly I didn't even have the fix written above in mind until I wrote out this response.
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  13. Doesnt this make more lag? for falling down like sand/gravel? idk but maybe you can add some support for plugin FAWE https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/fast-async-worldedit-voxelsniper.13932/ this can be very usefull in general and of course by default disabled using this FAWE in config, but if we enable this option than plugin can use this Async for prevent server lag if there are many players online and choping trees.
    Next suggestion i have is an option that logs and leaves, if we chose in config so, will be automaticaly added on player inventory....

    Third, can you add to config or separate messages.yml where we can configure all possible messages and prefixes with custom colors etc in future? tnx

    Fourth, if is possible and maybe you can add some kind of support for McMMo if not, thank you very much and have a nice day.

    PS: Can you add on your Overview page some text and add a link for plugin which support all older versions like this on post above? tnx
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  14. As for making more lag, yes it would but by using runnables and spacing out events over many ticks any lag should be negligible, at least in theory. Haven't gotten any complaints about lag yet so as of right now the runnables seem to be doing their job of reducing lag.

    I'm definitely planning on adding McMMO support and a messages.yml for message customization in the future. However for the next month at least I will be too busy to do more than a couple things I have planned. Since I don't know how to hook into McMMO yet or configure a messages.yml, chances are I won't get to those until mid December. Good idea on logs going direct to player inventory and FAWE support, will add those to the list of community suggestions. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback!
  15. No problem thanks to you ;)
  16. Hey can you add a toggle for players, so it can disable the automatic tree falling per player and act normally?
  17. SlimeDog


    Use permissions. Only those with tg.user benefit from the plugin features. Everyone else gets vanilla. Then create two commands to grant and revoke the permission.
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  18. wouldnt that mean they would have to have permission for my permissions plugin? a toggle within the plugin would be easier ;-;
  19. SlimeDog


    Perhaps it would be. But using your permissions plugin is available now. :)