1.16 UHC with 300+ Players?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Yeeeeeeeeeet, May 16, 2021.

  1. Hey, I started working on hosting uhc in 1.16 but I can barely manage 150 players which annoys me since badlion could host 300+ back in the days.

    I'm using tuinity, followed the performance guide and have an I9-9900K as a server

    Do you guys have any other tips and tricks how to handle more players?
  2. How much ram are you giving the server, is your Plugin you are using for the UHC good (performance) etc. There is not really a tip without informations.
  3. 10gb ram, good plugin. :D
  4. There is your answer if you wanna have 300 players with 10gb ram this is 33mb / player (without the ram cost for world plugins etc.)
  5. Purchase a dedicated server
  6. Memory has nothing to do with performance unless you don't have enough.

    300 players is just really difficult on 1.16. You would probably need a custom jar done to achieve that many players. Alternatively, you could begin removing stuff such as entities and world ticking, although then it's not really UHC. Giving server configuration files could be helpful as the only real performance improvement is reducing entity counts. You could also hire someone to create a custom jar that has private performance improvements but that is expensive. Badlion most likely had a custom jar, and badlion ran 1.7 which runs faster as it has less features.

    Another idea would be to try and shard the UHC. You don't need to really maintain vanilla mob and redstone behavior over borders so it is a possibility to split the world into a few actual servers.

    You could also get around a 10% performance improvement by using a Ryzen 5000 series over an i9-9900k, which is the cheapest solution here.
  7. Try SSSpigot maybe it can help you but im not sure
  8. Please don't. SSSpigot is just unsafe threading added ontop of whatever free and open source server jar is fastest. It's hasn't been proven to be faster than the fastest jar, which is currently Airplane. If you want unsafe patches on top the fastest jar, just use Yatopia.
  9. It is everyone's choice, I know guys who have 2x more optimized server than me and they use SSS
  10. I really would love to see the poll where we conclude that "its everyones choice" ? Where did the Minecraft community vote for that?
  11. What server jar are you using?
  12. there is fork called purpur which include paper, airplane, teunity maybe worth trying?
  13. Please don't use that, it would be a mistake.

    Airplane over PurPur imho.

    We need more info, what do you have an issue with, what config values do you use for bukkit/spigot/paper yml, and which plugins are causing the stress, did you pregen the world, how big is it, what features are constantly ticking that you could reconfigure to do batch processing.

    For all we know you use aternos for free server hosting, expecting it to run 300+ users. So we need a bit more info.

    Do you have a 6+ hours timings report ppl can analyze for you?