1/2 delay for showing up items in a chest | Why?!

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  1. Hey,

    some days ago I noticed that having a chest with enchanted or data-holding items causes a delay for showing up the content. This happens once when the server starts and it happens to every user on the server. After 1/2 seconds the items are rendered for the player and the issue won't happen again(Until the next restart). If in the chest are none of those enchanted or data-holding items, there is a delay too but it is very small and obviously not important.

    Do you have any idea what the reason for that could be?


    PS: I use Spigot 1.9.4 and the client uses 1.9.4 optifine/or not optifine. Same effect.
  2. could you post plugins?
  3. That's the point. There is no plugin. I get this result with vanilla spigot! Without plugins.
  4. thats strange, are they simple normal enchanted items or meme items with lots of tags and data could be something on one of the items that causes it maybe
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  5. They are vanilla enchanted items. (With an anvil)

    Maybe you could try it on your own.
  6. Maybe the Server lags?
    Where are you hosting?
    What are the TPS and you Ping?
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  7. Server just sends two packet for opening inventory. First Window Open Packet with inventory name and numer od slots and then sends Window Items Packet with ItemStacks. So, if your server is on low tps you can get little delay here. Also second packet is bigger so it needs more time to transfer from server to client. Enchanted item has NBT tags, packet data for them will be larger. Also, check your ping and connection speed.
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  8. Hmm. Ping is around 15ms and server TPS around 19.99 - 20.0*.

    The server is located in Frankfurt(Germany) and I am from Cologne(Germany too). I don't think this could be the cause for that problem.

    EDIT: Very strange! If I use some plugins like Skywars X, it works without a delay!

    Important second EDIT: PaperSpigot 1.9.4 does NOT have this issue! It has to be anything caused by Spigot itself.
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  9. Probably your build, try to use a different 1.9.4 build.
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  10. Ok. I'm trying some other builds.

    EDIT: Are there any other 1.9.4 builds? I just found spigot-1.9.4-R0.1-SNAPSHOT.
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  11. If I remember right it should be only R0.1, but check out with BuildTools in case I am wrong.
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  12. I tried that :( There is only R0.1. I tried 1.9.2 R0.1 and this works. Why?! I don't understand that :confused: