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    Has anyone updated to 1.4.6 with Spigot? If so, what build are you currently using?

    I have been testing various builds (currently build #351) on my test server which have been very successful so far. Once I updated a few plugins (WorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, Orebfuscator, MobArena, bPerms) it seems to be working with no errors.

    I haven't decided to put this onto my production server, yet. Has anyone been running 1.4.6 on their live server? Have you had any issues with Spigot? Any plugin issues that haven't been addressed yet?

    If everything goes well with my tests tomorrow and no one here has any problems to mention I think I will attempt to update my live server to 1.4.6.

    Also, are all of the Spigot changes on the latest builds? md_5 I know you mentioned that you would be listing all the commits so we know what each one has, but now all I am seeing is "Spigot for 1.4.6". Are these all of the latest changes?
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    So far all we have done between 1.4.5 and 1.4.6 is apply the Spigot changes and update the version of a plugin used in the build changes, you can see this in the Jenkins changelogs.
    As for breakages, I haven't heard of any ones big enough to prevent you from updating.
  3. Been running Build 349 for at least 5 hours straight with no Major issues at all. ~40 players average with a bunch of plugins including some big ones like NoCheat, Towny and War.

    The only weird bug I notice is either: Vanilla, Plugin, or Bukkit (didn't test in Vanilla yet)
    - Renamed Bow with some enchants (Flame 1 Punch 2 Power 5).
    - EnchantedBook (Infinite 1) Combined in Anvil will not work.
    - For a second it works but breaks apart and falls on ground.
    (I'll leaky this when I get a chance.)
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    im just waiting for commandhelper to work :/
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    ah didnt see the updates to ur special sauce
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    Thanks for the replies! I think I will try my luck with updating a little later today. I will post back here with my results.
  8. Anyone have a towny update for 1.4.6?
  9. I'm unsure as to whether or not I should update. All of the plugins I have on my unreleased server aren't updated to 1.4.6 and I don't want them to be glitchy messes of frustration - not that I can anyway - my files are imported from a USB that came from my old, dead computer to my new one. This one has Windows 8 and has weird problems with batch files.

    I am however testing a bug cover-up plugin for 1.4.6 on a now whitelisted server. I upgraded us to Spigot yesterday and i've run into a few glitches with the plugin so far but they're nothing that can't be ironed out. I'd say 1.4.6 is a buggy mess but once bukkit & spigot update we can have a smoother playing experience. I'll update you on my findings in the morning - i've done enough testing for one day and the server is going down for the night in the next half an hour :p
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  10. We are running Spigot 1.4.6 on our companys official test server/live player server. I can get the build if youd like.
  11. Which build?
  12. Jigsaw


    I thought I replied back here after I updated....

    Anyway, my server updated to 1.4.6 about 6 days ago and everything is working pretty well so far. One plugin that isn't working is Orebfuscator and that is a Spigot only issue. Another plugin that is kind of buggy is NoCheatPlus.

    I started out using Spigot #353 and I am now using Spigot #362 with no issues. You will have to look around for dev builds of some plugins, but all of the plugins I use had some sort of an updated version and they all are working well (minus Orebfuscator).
  13. We are running build #377, before that, #367