Spigot [1.6 - 1.11] GoldenKnife (99% CUSTOMIZATION) (1 SHOT KILL) 1.3.4

Create a Golden Knife which you can use to 1 shot any foe!

  1. Maybe it would be a good idea if it was a thrown weapon. Sorry for my English
  2. Questions:
    1. Can this be a one-time use weapon
    2. Can this be used on very op mobs or bosses?
  3. Yes it can, by default durability is set to 1 use only and it will only 1 shot players at the moment. Although I might make a setting where you can enable/disable it on mobs.
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    Update #05 (10/11/2017)

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  5. This exact same thing can be done with the plugin crackshot and it's far more customizable though
  6. That's cool, but some people wanted this, and it was a fun small project so I uploaded it :p