1.6.2 crash report

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  1. Dmck2b

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    Whoever named their plugin's thread ServerThread deserves to be shot imo...

    Otherwise, this is confusing me. If I'm reading it right, Craftbook's minecart sub plugin is having issues and is having a corrupted entity/chunk as the same time.

    First, try load the world without that Craftbook subplugin. If it still crashes, remove the minecart at 5007.6,2345.9. If it still crashes after that, run the minecraft region fixer.
  2. thanks found the problem lots of minecarts with animals in them on powered rails.
  3. joehot200


    Not sure where you are getting the CraftBook stuff from, however the wrong entity location you are correct about, if only we had a good idea what was causing it.

    I also see a corrupted NBT data tag. Try banning the last person who joined the server before the crash, OR reset his player data, i would also strongly advise you run Minecraft Region Fixer.
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    Also, it is all in chunk 312,146. Try deleting that chunk and letting it generate again.
  5. Dmck2b

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    1. 2013-08-07 04:18:04 [SEVERE] com.sk89q.craftbook.vehicles.cart.CartMechanismBlocks.findByRail(CartMechanismBlocks.java:82)
    2. 2013-08-07 04:18:04 [SEVERE] com.sk89q.craftbook.bukkit.MechanicListenerAdapter.onVehicleEnter(MechanicListenerAdapter.java:414)

    Is being spammed everywhere.

    Also, why do you keep saying ban the players? 99% of the time they have nothing to do with it...
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    Ah, ok :)
    What often happens is that the player joins. He either has a corrupted inventory, or is at a place where there is a corrupted chunk. Then when that corrupted chunk is loading (or player inventory is loading), it is corrupted and unreadable and so freezes the main thread.

    Preventing the player from joining is only a temporary fix.