1.6.2 Spigot Crash on Start

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  1. I just came back home and suddenly the server crashed. I use multiprohosting. I don't know the cause of the crash. Everytime I restart the server is crashes again very soon after.

    Here is a link to the crash report. Thank you for anytime you put to helping me!


    [Crash Report]
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  2. Dmck2b

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    QuakeDM or whatever is causing this

    21.09 11:42:48 [Server] INFO Attempted to place a tile entity ([email protected]) at -179,35,342 (DIRT) where there was no entity tile!

    Also, there was this.

    00000180 21.09 11:42:48 [Server] SEVERE This crash report has been saved to: /./crash-reports/crash-2013-09-21_11.42.48-server.txt

    Could you pastebin that as well?