1.6: Horses and Donkeys and Mules, oh my!

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    So with 1.6 ready to launch on Monday July 1st, there are lots of fun changes coming to Minecraft. One of the notable changes is the addition of some new mobs, specifically Horses, Donkeys, and Mules! This is sure to brew up some fun games, events, and builds for people for some time to come, as will bring some players back to Minecraft to check it all out.

    But here is my question to you server owners...
    How will you implement these new mobs into your server(s)? Will you be starting a fresh new world? Will you keep your current build world and try and boost animal spawning rates? Perhaps hold events/games, like races, and reward spawn eggs as prizes?

    Personally, on our Survival servers, I think we will be giving a one time use /kit available to all our players for the first week of 1.6 that will give 1 Horse, 1 Mule, and 1 Donkey. At the same time, I will add the same spawn eggs to our current VIP2 perk (/kit eggs) for them to use in the future. That will get the mobs out there for anyone who wants them, and for breeding, it will force them to buy/sell those eggs to collect and breed them. We also have a player-run economy, so that is bound to help out as well. And we will probably build a race track for some fun horse races, and give some more prizes for that :)

    More info on new mobs:

    So... What do you plan on doing?
  2. PhanaticD


    horses will fit right in on my skyblock and skygrid servers XD
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  3. SpaZMonKeY777

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    Why not? Offer horse spawn eggs as a trade for some large amount of cobble or some hard to get resources, and then people can ride off the edge of their island in style :)
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    yea i was only half joking, a lot of people have huge islands, what i do is offer animal eggs for ghast tears at a trading villager at spawn
  5. SpaZMonKeY777

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    Tell me that doesn't look fun? :D
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  6. Oh man, Horses before birds, Lame!

    Anyways, I'll probably set up a few admin shops at my spawn(s). Have a few contests / give-a-ways with eggs as the prize. Then again, I could always get my staff to spam some eggs all over the map. - Not very effect nor efficent, but hey, It might work a little bit :)
  7. I'm diggin' the horse.

    New minigame? SkyHorse :D
  8. Nope, horse parkour
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  9. jtaylor69

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    Hmm, you're on to something here Michael.
  10. Spawning rates >9000, here we come.
    Kinda needed for my server, since it's sVanilla survival and limited teleporting allowed, people want them to be able to travel faster ;)
  11. CCT


    It's summer. Why can't they just leave us alone?
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