1.6 Horses Plugin Ideas

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  1. Idea 1 using Horeses:
    Horse Racing Minigame with a track, and checkpoint timers which track the winning racers/etc.

    Medieval Pole Bolting - Correct me if im wrong but is this not when 2 people get onto horses and ride at each other with a pole or "sword" and hit each other off?
  2. joehot200


    Horses VS zombies Enderdragons?
  3. joehot200


    Horse trading. trade horses for money, Take them to the butchers and trade them for meat, farm, trade 2 of them for babies, etc ;P
  4. Trade them for glue...
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  5. How about a plugin that allows for a fence post to be set where players can purchase horses with in game money by right clicking on the horse of their choice. The plugin would stop the horses from being intractable until purchased. After purchase the player that bought the horse would be given the ability to use the horse (the horse would be pre-tamed) and only that player can interact/ride the horse. In addition the horse would re-spawn at the set spot a few minutes after the purchase. If you're having trouble visualizing what I mean, think of the horse stables in Skyrim (and most of the other Elder Scrolls games) where you can purchase a horse for gold.
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  6. Puremin0rez


    I'd love to see something where you could activate "fly" for your horse too - although I don't think Mojang implemented anything like that, but you can alter how high they jump via NBT!

    Imagine seeing Moderators and Admins on flying horses.... oh my....
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  7. joehot200


    @Puremin0rez, I have seen people making a flying pig plugin - So flying horses. Why not? :D