1.6 Votifier / Voting - Crazy Timings!!

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by alex_markey, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Since i have updated to 1.6, i havent really had that many problems, apart from this 1 major one. Ever since i updated my server, every plugin related somehow to votifier is getting extremely high rating in the spigots timings, as shown below:


    (GAListener is a plugin which rewards players, uses votifier as a dependency)
    Has anyone else been having these issues with votifier? My server does rake in a fair amount of votes, but the results where not at all anywhere close to this in 1.5.2!

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated =)
    Currently using spigot #997
  2. Jigsaw


    Kainzo saw something like this I believe.

    Edit: Never mind you already saw that post. :p
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  3. Votifer is fine for me.. although I use enjin for voting. Enjin rewards them after voting on all the links instead of a listener rewarding per vote.
  4. Well i personally dont like that idea, incase 1 voting site is offline for some reason, then they receive no rewards for that day, hence why i prefer to reward per vote.
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  5. yeah, I didn't like the idea at first but it seems to be working out okay. The reason I changed is because I was getting timings like you but that was with 1.5.2
  6. Doesnt Enjin Minecraft plugin depend on votifier to read the votes anyway o_O?
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  7. Wazez


  8. that version is still extremely outdated, 2012 was when it was uploaded =L
  9. Wazez


    LOL, they just renamed it.
    My bad.

    Does the console show any errors when votifier is being used i.e, when someone votes
  10. Nope, everything seems the exact same as 1.5, apart from the performance =L
  11. the lag occurs upon players voting, so it is something to do with the receiving of votes

  12. yeah.. but I don't use a listener to reward per vote which was causing the high timings for me xD
    votifer is fine with Enjin
  13. I feel the reason u dont receive high timings is because u dont receive votes on your server anywhere near the same level as my server.
    (Not being cocky or anything, just realistic) my server is #1 voted on PlanetMC, receives many votes every minute, 24/7.

    Like i said, the lag comes upon receiving the votes, so that would make sense why you do not have the same timings as me =L
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  14. I actually believe this to be an issue with the plugin GAListener, not votifier, as both me and Kainzo have this plugin
  15. Just write a script for votifier then.
  16. After testing all day, the issue is NOW CONFIRMED VOTIFIER.

    I get the same timings result for Enjin Minecraft Plugin handling the rewards
    also got the same results using SimpleVoteListener (A different plugin)
    And the same results using GA Listener.

    Votifier = Officially Fked
  17. Sorry to post in necro thread, but was a solution to this found? I am beginning to have the same timings issue with Votifier 1.9, and an update hasn't been made yet!
  18. Wazez


    I can confirm, votifier has been causing a lot of lag issues in the last 2-3 days. Not sure if spigot has anything to do with it, but I'm certain that's the only change I've made.
  19. @Wazez is it possible to investigate and fix from source?
  20. joehot200


    I use GAListener fine, the PCT Tick does not show it causing lag when giving rewards.