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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by joeleoli, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Is your spawn set? It's trying to teleport the player somewhere... Check your arenas, check your spawn, make sure everything is setup correctly.
    Works fine on my end, no errors.
  2. 1.6.1 BUG...Gametype can't set Build:true ....
  3. How are you trying to set it? Through a command, by hand in the yaml? Please explain your steps!
  4. by hand in the yaml...but No effect
  5. Featherboard placeholders aren't working for me.
    At match end i can't see player inventory, it say "team_" but isn't a team match.
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  6. will you developer on my server for $16 p/m
  7. Each match is defaulted to two teams now. So for example, two parties join a queue and get matched together, they're both converted into teams. Same thing for 1v1s.
  8. $16 a month? Sorry mate, a little bit low.
  9. deaL whats your skype
  10. skruffysdoe
  11. accept
  12. Plugin isn't working, using version 1.8.8, no errors. I have the required plugin installed it just doesn't seem to work.
  13. Install ALL dependencies.
  14. Can someone send me a setup gametypes.yml i'm a little lazy to resetup mine..
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  15. by hand in the yaml...but No effect
  16. deaL_ updated ProPractice - Highly configurable [SQL Support] [Scoreboard] with a new update entry:

    REL-1.6.2 | Bug fixes, placeholder fixes, messages

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. deaL_ can you see my PM, i really need help with it, i know that's my fault but you can help me :D
  18. Please add a option to change in what slot i want to have the items