1.7.10 Clients on 1.8 Network

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by xSinclare, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. So we are working on adding a 1.7/1.8 HCF server on our network. Setting up the server is no issue, but players getting to the server is the issue. How can we set it up so a 1.7.10 client can connect to the lobby and get to HCF with no issues? We looked into ProtocolSupport, but it doesn't seem to work on Spigot 1.8.8. Can anyone help us on this?
  2. It does... if you set it up right. :p
  3. Is there a config for ProtocolSupport? There wasn't one generated when I added ProtocolSupport.
  4. Nope.
  5. Actually found the issue. The most recent version of the plugin was updated to support Spigot 1.9.4. I installed the previous version and I was able to connect to the server. Thank you for your help though!
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  6. Hello! If you want 1.8 Clients play on your 1.7.10 Server, then you must install 1.7.10 Spigot. It'll give you support for 1.8 too! And I was wondering, can I have your Skype? I want to work with you!
  7. Well I know that. But the issue I had was I want 1.7.10 clients to be able to connect to the lobby so they can get to the HCF server. But thanks. // Thread Locked
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