1.7 Update of minecraft! Big changes on terrain gen.

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  1. well after i saw the upcoming features of minecraft i came to thinking,

    are we with the server gonna regenerate the entire world? gonna restart the world with the new terrain and players loose all their stuff? generate a 1.7 world and give it a transporter portal?

    (note i have about 8 worlds that depend on world gen so its not a easy decision)

    what would you all do?

  2. LiLChris

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    I used Terrain control so really don't care for MC generator unless its something ground breaking in 1.7 and not 1-2 biome additions.
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  3. Dmck2b

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    Adding the end didn't cause any issues back in 1.8

    Converting to Anvil caused no issues for me.

    Only issue I had when all the new biome changes came around were the uneven borders, but there's no escaping that in reality.

    This won't mean much to me, just a reason to explore deeper and expand the map.
  4. My main world has been going for about two years. The more heavily traveled areas has been getting some wear and tear and a new look has been in need. That and the fact a number of long active players have gotten bored as not much else to do.
  5. This is HILLARIOUS.

    I feel like all the new minecraft updates are just appropriating content created in mods eons ago. Horses, for example, and now redwood forest biomes...

    World generation is changing, but there are a lot of guides out there on how to transition. One comes to mind on the wiki of /r/admincraft.
  6. I was thinking on switching so a static worldgen so I don't have to worry, what are your thoughts on Terrain control.
  7. Puremin0rez


    I don't care how many new biomes they added, I'm just happy they reduced the size of oceans.

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  8. md_5

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    IMHO they are too small now. They are like puddles or mini seas amongst the land.
  9. Hopefully they will hear the community and make the oceans just right in size.
  10. I will just regenerate world but preserve WorldGuard regions builds.
  11. CleanroomGenerator!
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  12. The ultimate sandbox! No sand! No box! Why constrain yourself with limitations
  13. i used terrain controll way back. havent got a good look at it. the possibility i have atm is making the world larger.
  14. This is helpful. A nice little tutorial.
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  15. thanks for that link