Spigot [1.8 - 1.12] HopeChest (aka CropHopper and MobHopper) 4.0 ALPHA 1

Containers that automatically gather stuff from farms or when killing mobs! Assigned chest with GUI!

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    HopeChest - Chest that automatically gather stuff from farms! Crop and Mob Chest!

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  2. interesting idea, a console command to give players a chest would be nice aswell
  3. Will add that in full version. Expect it for tomorrow. In the meanwhile, if you find bug, report them and will be fixed with the update
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  4. Just saw this after I left a review. Please add the feature and make the chest name configurable and unique, so players can mine it and move it around :)
  5. You can change both chest names in the config
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    A couple more command

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  7. suggestion add a mob hopper that auto kills mobs from spawners and gathers their drops? https://gyazo.com/d844a37224b0d1f68926e3dea2f6c62e?token=de5813cd101721b50b9229a776178e0e Once placed, the mob assigned will go straight to the hopper and die automatically. also can you make your hopechest work woth mobstacker2 plugin? its a premium plugin and when a stack of more then 1 drops it only collects 1 drop and the rest are dropped on the ground, also i have a plugin that makes mobs drop heads can you add support for other custom drops aswell?
    • I took a look at mobstacker2 and seems like there is no API. I cannot add support, I am sorry.
    • About the assigned mob, I was thinking of something like that already. (Not sure about the autokilling part)
    • The same for mob heads
    Atm i am busy with another project. As soon as i have finished, I'll update this plugin more
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    • Can you add a 1.8 support
    • It would be nice if you could enable and disable certain type of farms in the config file (example: Only enable the cactus farm)
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    1.8 Compatibility

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  9. Just updated, should work fine on 1.8
  10. On 1.8 you can't take items out of the chest it glitches back into it
  11. Umh, that's really strange. Does it give you error on console? Can i have a list of plugins? To check if something might create problem
  12. Nvm i fixed it i was using something that was not supported. But can you maybe add lores to the item? and also maybe make it so you can add multiple lores?
  13. Yep, that's my plan. I need some more time with other projects, when I'll have finished them, I am going to rewrite the plugin to make it more performance friendly and with much more features.

    Good to know it's has been fixed. Could you please give some more detail about this not supported plugin?
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    Recode update!

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  15. Just a suggestion. It would be really cool to see a filter option for this so, for example, you could have multiple crop hopper next to each other all only gathering a specific drop each leading to its own set of storage.
  16. This is something I have on my to-do list for this plugin. This is just an update to allow me to work better with this plugin in the future. Depending on events, this will be implemented as soon as I can.
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  17. If used in huge amounts as hoppers are used in servers, with at least 50 in each chunk all over the world, would it put higher load on the server than hoppers do?
  18. I've done some testing with this plugin with many tile entities in the chunk and I did not found any noticeable lag. If someone could do a test for me, would be really great.