Bukkit [1.8-1.14] ChestSort (+ API) 5.0.3

Automatically sorts your chests! Supports WorldGuard etc. (100 % customizable + auto config update)

  1. message-player-inventory-sorted: "&7Ваш инвентарь был отсортирован."
    message-error-invalid-options: "&cОшибка: Неизвестная опция %s. Допустимые опции: %s."
    translation of the last two lines
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  2. Thanks, it will be included in the next update :)
  3. @mfnalex I'm gonna PM you an issue I have on my server that I think *may* be related to one of your plugins.
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  4. Hello,
    How can I sort the chests like in the video or the screenshots you've put? I've tried but I can not.
  5. Do you have permissions?
  6. Yes, of course. The plugin works correctly but when I try to change the config.yml to make the custom sort i dont get what I'm looking for. I want something like Invetory Tweaks mod does or your screenshot shows.
  7. Can you explain what exactly you want to change?
  8. Yes.
    This is the default sorting method: (I put some stuff on the chest and the plugin sort like this)
    I want to change this config:

    If is possible I want move the sword next to the pickaxes or shovels and axes.
    Move the stone and cobblestone before wood planks.
    Maybe I should change the order of items on .txt from categories folder?
  9. Yes, you can copy the default categories .txt files and rename them to 8.. instead of 9.. to avoid overwriting. Then you can set sticky to true and change the order to your needs.
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  10. Wow, I did a little change and it works!
    Thank you very much!
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  11. Estou recebendo esse erro de vez em quando -> [main/FATAL]: Error executing task
  12. How do I let other players use chest sort without OP
  13. you need to post the full error message (stacktrace)
  14. Code (Text):
    ##### Chinese - Thanks to qsefthuopq for translating! -> https://www.spigotmc.org/members/qsefthuopq.339953/
    #message-when-using-chest: "&7提示: 输入 &6/chestsort&7 来启用自动整理箱子."
    #message-when-using-chest2: "&7提示: 输入 &6/chestsort&7 来关闭自动整理箱子."
    #message-sorting-disabled: "&7自动整理箱子已 &c关闭&7."
    #message-sorting-enabled: "&7自动整理箱子已 &a启用&7."
    #message-error-players-only: "&c错误: 指令只能由玩家运行."
    #message-player-inventory-sorted: "&7已成功整理你的背包."
    #message-error-invalid-options: "&c错误: 位置选项 %s. 有效选项为 %s."
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  15. Sorry, I don't understand. Can you please write in English?
  16. Hi, thanks for this awesome plugin. Would it be possible to order the items by ID? I know it would be posible if I listed the ids in order on the categories files and used the {keepcategoryorder} but I wanted to know if it would be possible to do it without the need of that process (as I don't know any efficient way to do that).

    Thanks again for the plugin. :3
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  17. Thanks :) as far as I know, there are no more IDs in the 1.13+ API. So this is not possible I think, but I will see what I can do. What version of Spigot do you use?
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  18. I knew that they did change the IDs to strings, but I didn't know they've removed them completely, something new I learn today. I'm using the latest version of Spigot (1.14.2).

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