Spigot [1.8 - 1.16] [2K+ Users] UltimateAutoRestart - Need an autorestart plugin? Grab the best one today! Build 43a

Easily schedule restarts! [Bungee, PlaceholderAPI, Commands after boot, Sounds, so much more!]

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    UltimateAutoRestart » The best "Auto-Restart" plugin (Actionbars, Titles, PlaceholderAPI + more) - [1.7x - 1.13x] Customizable / Lightweight / Unique

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  2. Some sounds would be cool!

    - A sound when the time interval(s) go off

    - A sound when the server actually restarts
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  3. This is planned for a future update(s).
  4. The idea to have the prefix "Ultimate" for this plugin was a very good idea. :p:love:
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  5. Could you add Multicraft compatibility?
  6. I don't know what you mean by that, could you give me more information?
  7. A restart plugin with PlaceholderAPI support? Awesome!
    Just installed only to see there's no option to set a specific time of day/week. :( Would it be possible for that to be added?
  8. It might be added in a future update, thanks for the suggestion.
  9. It says "10 minutes till restart" and then like 30 seconds later it says "5 minutes till restart"...
  10. I've never had that before, try using the plugin with the default configuration.
  11. I did. Perhaps its because of Papers tick system? Maybe you can add a SecondsPerTick variable?