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  1. Hello, first of all you are using RWG v3. RWG2 is just the name of the file because of our old obfuscating method.

    These "empty spaces" are just caves on the surface. You could use another cave-type or disable them, if you do not like them.

    Kind regards,
    Sebastian Diers
  2. i buy it this plugins .. i did everything.. try it on my server and test server.. nothing.. will not generate anything .. i run a paper server 1.16.2 .. i just buy it and i have it there.. but i can use it.. now i see on test server.. not running anymore.. says i run to manny ip with my license.. but its ridiculos.. cuz test server its only localhost.. but anyway.. don'[t work can you help me??
  3. Hello,
    first of all have you installed the plugin correctly and also have you followed the installation-steps?

    A lock of you license can only happen, when you use RWG on more than 8 ips, which could basically happen on localhost servers, as you then have a dynamic ip-address.

    If so just contact us via DM and send us your license-key, we will unblock it for you.

    Kind regards,
    Sebastian Diers
  4. yes i follow everysteps from evertything you post in.. nothing wanna work with my server.. from the begin when i buy it .. i follow you .. and don't work .. i got only 2 server i use it .. my own server and test server.. can you please help me out?? like i says i did everything you post in tutorials.
  5. i even try to reach you on discord.. but he don;t leave me give you a message..
  6. here everything its fine.. on my server.. but still don't do anything.. i try even you'r command..

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  7. Well, which method did you used? the bukkit.yml? Also have you removed the placeholderr-brackets [] and <> from it then?

    We havn't get any message from you. Use the Link from our signature or our plugin-page, you'll then get to the discord and can get faster help.

    Yes, it loads fine, so everythign is correct. Probably in that case just a missconfiguration on your site, like explained above
  8. can you please try to reach me on discord? MaskyLedOn its my name im in your discord group but i cant send any message
  9. Can i remove this plugin after generated and filled the map?
  10. You can basically do that, but we would not recommend it.

    Kind regards,
    Sebastian Diers