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  1. Hey all, i'll be honest I don't even know what to call this plugin so the title is a WIP haha.

    The plugin I'm thinking about developing is a simple one idea wise but this will be my first productive Bukkit/Spigot plugin so I could really do with some help and tips on this.

    Basically this plugin will send a message to the player based on what he/she said in chat OR based on what commands he/she tried to execute... Maybe even based on whatever he/she said after /

    An example is Grief Prevention's ability to send a message to the player who said "stuck" or "trapped", but I would like this plugin to be 100% configurable and not just what was said in chat but also commands that was executed.

    Another example is is a player says "Can I have OP please?" the plugin will instantly send a chat message to the player "[PluginName] Sorry we do not give OP to new players."

    Or if the player executed the commands "/god" the plugin will send a chat message to the player saying "[PluginName] Sorry this command is for donators only: <donation site link>"

    EDIT: this means any commands the player tries to execute will be detected by the plugin so the player could just do "/qwerty" and the plugin would still see that and send a chat message as well as any chat message (as long as it's configured to do so of course).

    Of course everything will be configurable, keywords, phrases, chat formatting and colours and messages to send. (even permission nodes)

    I'm sure there are other plugins that do something like this but I figure it's a good start for my first plugin honestly, I mostly need help finding the right methods I need to use to detect the chat messages and commands and also I'm not 100% sure how to send the chat message only to the player who said the keywords.

    Thanks for the help all! :)

    I've had experience making Forge mods but Bukkit/Spigot plugins are very different O.O
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  2. i'm going I'm marking this as solved as I decided to get help from a developer, I don't think I can learn Bukkit/Spigot plugins alone since it's pretty different from Forge mods but thank you for the help @Omniscimus you set me on the right tracks for this type of plugin. :)