1.8.7 Connection lost (timed out)

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  1. Hi everyone, a month ago with a friend we paid a host to run our own minecraft server and it was going well, but in the last week we started to have a strange problem.
    Suddenly the server began to freeze and after a few seconds everyone was kicked and given "Connection Lost Timed Out" we checked out the log of the server and everything was fine, no error reported in the console during freeze time, the internet connection was and is fine and we dont have plugins.
    We deleted the world and started a new one but the same error started to show again, so we decided to make a downgrade to 1.8.3 but the same problem still happen : /
    I dont know if this is a bug of 1.8.7 or the host, but lot of reports now started to appear about this and nobody knows nothing, and I want to know if anyone knows something about this issue.
    here is a video about another admin of another server with the same error
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    What host is this?
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    Run timings, however it could as well be a host problem. Have you contacted them to see if others on the same server have problems?
  4. i'd say your host is rubbish, but could be wrong..
  5. ifx networks datacenter (cabase)
    we have 5 servers of HL2 running but after and before the begin of the minecraft server and nothing was wrong until the last week
    - intel xeon 4 cores
    - 8 gb of ram (7,50 gb free)
    - 100mb of download and upload
    - windows server 2008
    - 2.33 GHz

    If you are saying about other user in my server, they all suffering this And about the others owners of servers that report this problem the said the same that happens to me, the console doesnt show any error or overcharge, anyone that tries to enter in the server see everything frozen and suddenly after a few seccond the mighty Connection lost (timed out)

    like I said before we have a few servers running and we didnt have any problem before, the minecraft server was running we 6 users online and with plugins with no problem and the 5 servers of HL2 and everything was fine with no lag.
    This started to happen suddenly and others owners of server reported this type of issue the last week in other pages about minecraft, but nobody didnt know nothing about this and one said that he reported this to mojang but they didnt give him answer about this