Spigot [1.8.8 - 1.18.2] EZColors 2.1.5

A free translatable Chat Color plugin with a gui. Including 18 total colors (& Hex for 1.16+).

  1. does this plugin have any placeholders? I use deluxechat with townychat and I was unable to get it to work. I currently use another plugin that does a similar job but it has placeholders which I can use to show the correct colors but I've been wanting to swap over to this plugin because it looks better and seems more supported :p
  2. It currently does not, I'll add right now for you!
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  4. I know this is colors, but adding the formats to this would be great too!
  5. What do you mean by formats?
  6. Code (Text):

    Formatting codes

    §k Obfuscated
    §l Bold
    §m Strikethrough
    §n Underline
    §o Italic
    §r Reset
  7. Ah, duh. I can add them in the next update. I don't know where I would put them though lol.

    Would they go ontop of what the color is set, or act like a color (and can be added in the custom format)
  8. They would go on top of the set color. when enabled.

    placed in the custom menu perhaps?
  9. Would I have to disable it to choose the language of the plugin and leave a default in the config?
  10. Hmm maybe. I guess i'll add it to v1.5

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  11. Is it possible to disable language switching and leave only a default?
  12. Just don't give players the language permission. (Which allows them to edit the language globally)
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  13. thank you so much it works brilliantly

    quick question how do you set a default color for new players or for when you go to reset your color?

    mine says i cant reset my color and im opped
  14. Weird, try adding ezcolors.reset?
  15. will do thank you once again :p
  16. Some suggest
    1. item slot 2.fill item 3.Sounds(Open gui , selcet , reset etc..) 4. custom item material(enchant/glow if already selected) 5. Close gui if select.
  17. Maybe in the future.
  18. EazyFTW updated [1.8.8-1.15.2] EZColors with a new update entry:


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