Spigot [1.8.8] FallenKingdom 0.1.3

Fallen Kingdom mini-games, easy to use

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    [1.8.8] FallenKingdom [FR] - Plugin de FallenKingdom avec quelque ajouts a la Seeyko, encore en beta

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  2. Does this plugin like epicube fallen kingdom?
  3. Kind of... If i remember on epicube you have to break an ender crystal, here it's a king to kill.
    But here each team can place a king where they want.
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    Fix de bugs mineur.

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  5. Nope it's a king too.For your introduce is french i can't understand what the plugin means
  6. I don't play so much on epicube fallen kingdom...
    If you want in the config.yml of the plugin there is a little indroduce in english !
    And i'm working on making the languages configurable so in 1 or 2 days you can change all the message !
  7. OK thanks!I'm a chinese player and i love the fallen kindom!I glad to help you with the chinese translate :D
  8. Once i have repertoried all the messages in one files i Will give it To you, thanks !!!
  9. Glad to help you :D
  10. Thanks you men, i'm actually workin on it, but sooooo much message in my plugin are in french, + i have just 1 hours per days for working on it those next 3 days (work 10hour a day...). So it the configurable lang.yml will be released this Sunday i think ;)
  11. More of half translation is done, but not all is in a configurable file, i have translate 4/5 from french to english and put 2/5 in a configurable file, i think in 24 or 48 hours it will be good ;)
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    Translation and minor changes !

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  13. Yes ?
    I'm on vacation till 18 July without Internet so i can't work on it, but send private message if i can do something i Will help ;)
  14. peut-tu faire ce plugin supportant le multiworld s'il te plait ? Je veut dire :
    On a un monde hub puis on a des panneaux si on clique sur un il nous redirige vers une partie de FK et je veut que sur le meme serveur on aie plusieurs FK