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  1. Hi, There is been a while since I quit Minecraft (1.7.10). Lately I ‘ve seen some Minecraft videos on YouTube to see how much the game has been changed. Needless to say lots of things are changed. So I downloaded mc after almost 2 years of me quitting it, and I want to open a server again on the latest version of spigot BUT after a little research I ‘ve done i saw most if not all the servers running spigot 1.8 and only supporting connections through higher versions of the game. So my question is, what is so special about 1.8 that all the servers are using it? Also does 1.8.x versions are the last ones which support cracked versions of the game? Should I run a server in the latest version or not ?
  2. pvp...enough said
  3. Benz56

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    If you are starting a new server go for the latest version.

    I think some people stick to 1.8 due to the PVP update being released in 1.9.

    Though if you look at https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/EssentialsX you will see that the vast majority is using 1.12.2. You can still support older versions with 1.12.2.
  4. Ι get what u both say. I think there is a plugin which removes those cooldowns on pvp. On swords hit. BUT do shields make an impact on pvp?
  5. Benz56

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    I don't really play but I haven't seen many actually use them.

    However, I am sure there are plugins that can disable the shield slot as well.
  6. For hardcore pvpers, probably yes which is why they are staying on 1.8 or like most hardcore pvp servers, 1.7.
  7. Tell me what are the changes that bother those pvpers from playing on newer versions.
  8. Please name at least 3 servers that have above 3,000 players that is running 1.9 or up please. It may not be the majority of servers but it is the majority of players. 49% of Hypixel playerbase plays 1.8.
  9. I never played on or cared for large servers and could hardly name three English ones of them at all. If you say so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. MiniDigger


    thats not true either. for client version bone once said that half of the clients use 1.9+
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