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Solved 1.8 Offline Premium Skin Temp Fix

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Chewmacca, Oct 16, 2014.

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  1. I have been looking for numerous ways to fix the issue regarding premium skins not working on offline servers. I did find a plugin called SkinRestorer on the Spigot forums but failed to work properly.

    Anyway I'm currently running my server on the latest version of Spigot (spigot-20141001a.bps) and the latest version of Carbon (1.6.3) which allows 1.8 blocks to be placed in a 1.7.10 server. I have disabled the possibility of 1.7.X players joining my server as it would cause issues as 1.8 blocks wouldn't show properly on their client.

    And this is the problem. You can get premium skins to work if you are using a 1.7.5 client however these clients are blocked from my server which leaves no other choice but to use 1.8 clients.

    I have put together a few plugins and setting which uses LibsDisguises and JoinCommands.

    LibsDisguises allows players to disguise as mobs or players and such.

    JoinCommands allows a server to run specific commands on players joining.

    Essentially JoinCommands runs a command which makes LibsDisguises disguise the joining player as themselves which enables other players to see them for who they actually are rather than the weird looking Steve skin.

    I've created a zip file with the relevant files needed along with some permission and config settings so it's pretty much ready to go.

    Here is a direct link: www.djchewmacca.net/minecraft/downloads/skinfix3.zip (FIXED PERMISSION ISSUE)

    If you like it please take your time and see it working on my server.

    Thanks! :)
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  2. Dmck2b

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    So... what stops users from changing to another user after joining? Seems like a pretty big flaw/issue. Plugin does nothing to prevent it.
  3. Unfortunately there isn't any other way. Gonna try and find a method tho.
  4. Maybe looking at a way of blocking the command or something.
  5. Like I say, it's just a temporary solution until it can be fixed.
  6. And what about skulls? ;)
  7. Use this config setup for JoinCommands then change permissions so that regular players don't have access to the LibsDisguise commands. It does actually work. Just tested it.



    - disguiseplayer %player% player %player%

  8. Here's the new config. Don't forget to change permissions for LibsDisguise to false.

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  9. It won't be fixed, in offline-mode skins won't be send to the server^^
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  10. Maybe, but this seems to be the only option for now.
  11. [​IMG]

    My server running on 1.8 in offline mode.
  12. My skin lost world changing (multiverse)
  13. Check the configuration file on LibsDisguises as I believe they may be an option for multi verse world's.
  14. Do Skins really matter that much?
  15. Some players like to show off their premium skins therefore I see it as a viable option for those who wish to run offline servers.
    Besides, it wouldn't be too bad but the Steve skin doesn't even show properly which makes it look real ugly. I prefer to run my server with premium skins. I just thought I would share this for other server owners.
  16. Hi
    I tested this method.
    Except that when infact the player join the server he sees others with the skin of Alex. But against those who join the same server after the first player they have their skin that will be seen by players who were already there before. But not for those who come after.
    How can i fix this ?

    Sorry for my bad english but i'm french.
  17. Unfortunately this is the best option unless you downgrade your server to 1.7.10 and run a 1.7.5 client. Sorry. :(
  18. I did work but doesn't matter now since 1.8 is officially out. Look up skinrestorer
  19. I'm using the official spigot 1.8 release with the latest skin restorer plugin for 1. 8. It works like a charm. Must say... thanks to the carbon team and everyone else who helped keep my server going through the tough times. Cheers
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