1.8 Testing Begins

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    EDIT 2: Test server is closed for now, thanks to all those who participated. Looking forward to release soon!

    EDIT: The test process is now pretty much over. We have removed the whitelist on the Spigot server for 24hours and it is free to mess around on till Saturday, be nice and have fun: test.spigotmc.org!

    As some of you may have gleaned from Twitter / IRC recently, it is more or less time to begin the final test process for both CraftBukkit and Spigot 1.8 releases. Over the last couple of weeks we have been ironing out all the obvious bugs within these two builds, and we are fairly confident that we have gotten all of the major ones, but now it is time to open up these builds to the public in order to ensure that we have all of our bases covered; not just from a “hey the server doesn’t crash” point of view, but from all fronts including plugins and advanced or quirky mechanics such as redstone and command blocks (something we, as developers, don’t have much experience with).

    Referring back to the 1.8 progress check, this means that almost all work on CraftBukkit, Spigot, and the Bukkit API additions are code complete, and contain all of the features of 1.7, plus major new API additions for 1.8. As such, our focus shifts from writing new code, to instead fixing code already written, but more importantly performing the enormous amount of work required to ultimately make a release, and breathe new life into the wonderful communities which surround both of these projects.

    The test process itself will be lead by @cindy_k, and last for approximately one week (although this date may be extended if we are not confident about stability or any major issues arise). In order to keep things manageable you will be required to have fifty posts on the forum at this point in time (that means no spamming posts now). It sounds like a large number, but there are actually over 1000 members who meet this requirement. The reasoning for this decision is that we, the Spigot Team, would better spend our time addressing issues than managing a large number of people. Additionally we see it as a way of saying thank you to those who have dedicated substantial time and effort to contributing to the wider Spigot community.

    In order to apply for whitelist, you simply need to meet the above requirements, and fill out this form here. Once we have received your application and double checked that you meet the requirements (please don’t waste our time), you will be added to the whitelist. From here, your responsibility is to play on the server, enjoy yourself, but most importantly pay close attention to gameplay and plugin functionality so that you can spot any issues which need our attention. In order to help you with this, we have created a number of resources where you can liaise with other testers to collaborate and get more information. These resources include:
    Additionally please note that the test server (test.spigotmc.org) is running BungeeCord. The default server is running Spigot, however we also have a CraftBukkit and Vanilla server to test with. Before filing a bug report it would be extremely helpful to test on the other two servers as there are indeed a number of Vanilla bugs present.

    Final Notes
    Thanks for your continued support thus far. At this stage we have not given an official release date, so any countdowns as such are purely speculation, however if you take todays date, the length of the one week test process, and add a little bit of a buffer, it should be pretty clear that we intend to release before the end of the month! Additionally, even if you do not meet the requirements to become an official tester, we may host a couple of “open hours” on the test servers, so keep an eye out on my twitter if you are interested.

    <insert witty Aperture Science reference here>
    ~Spigot 1.8 Team
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  2. Puremin0rez


    It's happening! Good luck finding issues everyone :)
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  3. Hype!
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  4. z0mg
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  5. Z750

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    All aboard the 1.8 hype train!
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  6. joehot200


    Sounds good. Looking forward to 1.8.

    By the way, you say "[​IMG]", but "<here>" is not hyperlinked.
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  7. Bart


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  8. Awesome! Can't wait! Great job Spigot team! :)
    I hope plugins don't break much with this update!
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  9. Excited :D
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  10. I think he's referring to the Application form here.
  11. Great Work.

    Does this mean you guys updated CraftBukkit & Spigot? Or Just Spigot?
  12. Thinkofdeath


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  13. Another example of amazing work from the Spigot team :)
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  14. joehot200


    What do I do if I don't have a GitHub account?
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  15. Thinkofdeath


    Create one :)
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  16. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that the work the spigot team has put together in the past few weeks is nothing short of amazing!
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  17. Yay!
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  18. Great news, Thanks for keeping us updated @md_5
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  19. Good work! Is a lead for get a hight quality product :D
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  20. Much Hype! :)
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