1.8 vs 1.12 (For SkyBlock)

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  1. Another discussion request. Yet again, heard a lot about both but I don't really ever see a definitive answer.

    Is one much better for SkyBlock, or are there pretty equal cost/benefits to both?
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    For non-pvp things, you should use the latest version
  3. But skyblock involves pvp?
  4. Not as a main feature though. You may have some kind of arena, but the actual skyblock part is the main feature.
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  5. I don't see many plugins that are available for 1.12 and not 1.8 on skyblock tho, at least from what I've seen.
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  8. I don't understand how that is if every popular server is 1.8-1.12
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    there's more servers than there are popular ones m8

    Edit: Did you seriously think every server would stay on 1.8 just because it was popular?
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  10. This thread literally was "I want help" but your responses are "no your idea is bad."

    Many plugins are updated to the latest versions, at least the ones that aren't dead and abandoned. I am not sure what all a Sky Block server would really need that isn't at least 1.13+ at this point, though I'd push 1.15.2 for a server as it's A. latest version and your players would probably want the new features and B. has plenty of plugins you can fish from to put on the server. If you want old-style PvP for some arena you plan to have, you can use OldCombatMechanics.
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  11. Hard to take that opinion with no factual data and your bio is https://gyazo.com/6aa07ab38bc756b538d4b5322536e884
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  12. Dude, Im not entirely sure what your problem is.
    You asked a question and people are answer, rather than having a convo you're just being a douche!

    As already stated, SkyBlock, like any survival-esque server really, doesn't focus around PvP, therefor 1.8.x is really out of the question.
    Im not entirely sure why you chose 1.8 and 1.12 as your choices. 1.12.2 is literally only for people who HAD a server pre-1.13, and are too stubborn to update. Starting a NEW server, there is absolutely no excuse to use 1.12.2

    You stated that "no servers use 1.13+" when literally 50%+ of the servers on bStats use 1.13+
    When you're shown this info your argument is "But the popular servers use X"

    well, ffs if all you give a shit about is what the "popular servers" use, why did you create this pointless thread?
    Clearly you don't want to listen to anyone or take their advice, you just want to talk and tell everyone (that is trying to give their opinion to your question) why they're wrong.

    This thread may be the stupidest thing I have seen lately.

    Now, that said, Ill await your snarky response as to how I'm wrong and you're right, because, well.... thats what this thread is right?
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  13. servers with longer running time usually also have much more content developed for their server, which makes it harder to update to newer versions, that is why the more well-known servers are late to update to newer versions, it takes time to remake stuff. you can have an advantage over them with a new server because you won't need to remake everything, you can go latest immediately
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  14. Outside of the really sweaty pvp community, players prefer higher versions. No one wants to play 1.8 survival, they want to play 1.15 with all the latest stuff. Even with pvp, players don't really care what version it is unless they're really sweaty, and the sweaty pvp community is quite small in the bigger picture.
  15. People don't like pvp after 1.8. Skyblock doesn't use pvp. So don't make it on 1.8. And why 1.12? If plugin is not updated to the latest version it's 99% certain that it's abandoned. You won't have any support with it. So use the latest version, I'm sure that you'll find all plugins which are necessary to create skyblock server for 1.15.2.
  16. Just memeing a bit, not sure why it was taken so seriously but ok.
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  17. However I have also decided to change to 1.12. As anything above that is very unstable for larger networks.
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  18. I would prefer 1.8
  19. TBF, he did ask what he should use between 1.8 and 1.12. Telling him he should go with 1.13+ is off topic for this thread.

    If you are determined that 1.8 and 1.12 are your only options, then I would suggest 1.12.2, it is more widely supported for plugins.

    also, most major plugins (the top 100) are compatible between 1.8 - 1.15, so go with whatever you desire. The higher they version you go, the less players you'll be able to handle, even on the best server hardware.
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