[1.9.4] Issues with spawn eggs and potions

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  1. Hi, So i have a 1.9.4 server and i am using viaversion and protocoll support but when every anyone gets a creeper egg it turns to spawn egg that is white and all potions that u get turn into a water bottle and dont work.
  2. We're do they get the items from chests or /give
  3. shops creative mode anywere
  4. What other plugins do you have?
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  5. Why do people title their threads this way?
    I need help!
    Hi I need help!
    Help Me!
    Help Needed!
    [1.9.4] Issues with spawn eggs and potions
    Wouldn't that be nice.
  6. @ExplosiveNight If You name it I need help people will click on it. Some people check the titles of the forms and ignore someone forms. If it is named I need help or Hi i need help people will click on it.
  7. How incredibly wrong. When I see a thread that says "I need help" I think to myself "If they can't take the extra 5 seconds to title their thread then they're not worth my time." The only reason I replied to this one is because there were no other new threads in the help sections.

    Back to the OP's question:
    Plugin List? /ver results?