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  1. Hello

    Can we say that "1.9 hack proof" because of the new combat update ?
    or people will and have found ways to hack gameplay ?

    What you guys think and know about this?
  2. 1.9 is most definitely hackable. You're quite behind, as a new 1.9.4 client came out earlier today.
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  3. Google "Minecraft 1.9 hacked clients". Let me clarify something for you right now, and you hold this advice to be true for ANY game on the Internet as we know it: hacks and game mods will always exist.

    Computers, applications, systems, and servers are simply designed that way. You cannot fully stop hacks without extreme measures (which btw, will likely be bypassed).

    Computers and the Internet are meant to be modified and messed with! For as long as there were games, there were cheats for those games. :)
    I can respect your attention to detail, but he was likely referring to the entire 1.9 update when mentioning "1.9". We tend to call 1.8 and all of its minor updates 1.8. Always been this way for versions.

    1.8.0. to 1.8.9 is simply 1.8.
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  4. I can understand such. Be it as it is. However, I must say that your statement, "You cannot fully stop hacks without extreme measures (which btw, will likely be bypassed)." Has been proven false, as there is a server that is notorious for being 100% hack proof. Join with any client, and you're banned. I could probably find the video. Man, I do wish I had a plugin like that.
  5. Gimme the server. That could be any number of things. Minecraft of all games, is extremely vulnerable to mods.

    Some examples of anything: clients passing along unique data that notifies the server of its presence (client creators selling this string to server owners)
    Clients unintentionally leaking info, same effect as above.
    Clients simply being dumb about what they activate.

    I'm sure I could go write some shitty client with limited features and bypass that server's "detection".

    My statement holds it truth, and likely always will for video games in their current state.
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  6. I believe it's called Knightfall. Not everything triggers it, but most things, and all things if certain actions are committed.
  7. To me, Knightfall looks like a fraud.
  8. The sad truth is that the Internet is full of people that love to ruin the online experiences of others. They get off on it. A great many cheaters use hacks, trainers, bots, and whatnot in order to win games. But while some openly try to wreak havoc, many really want to dominate and crush opponents, trying to make other players think they are gods at the game -- not the cheaters they are. The only thing that seems to bother them is getting caught.

    Beyond that, no ethical dilemmas seem to concern them. The anonymity and artificiality of the Internet seems to encourage a moral vacuum where otherwise nice people often behave in the worst possible way.

    A big factor in this is a lack of consequences. If a player is caught, so what? Are they fined or punished? No. Are they rejected by the people they played against? Usually, but it's so easy to establish another identity and return to play that discovery and banishment are no barrier to those with ill intent. Ultimately, cheating cannot and is a problem that is very hard, near impossible, to stop across the/a community.

    And yes, there are new modded clients which allow unfair combat advantages in the latest Minecraft versions.
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  9. A game is only vulnerable to (client-side/modding) hacking if the server does not properly confirm actions by the client.

    A proper client-server system would do absolutely no computation clientside and only send the player's control inputs to the server. In ages past (broadband seemed so long ago, right?), slow internet made this unfeasible, as this outdated, vulnerable model has been slowly replaced, hacking games has gotten far harder.

    1.9 combat is much more difficult to cheat in, but it still comes down to your server having a plugin that properly confirms that every player action is a valid one.
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  10. Thank you all for answers.

    Specialy @FlyingLlama thank you ;)
  11. I still think skill aura is much harder to detect than kill aura.
  12. But you need to allow regular people with superhuman reflexes and logic, which most people don't have. A modified client could simply replicate such behavior, and your "hack-proof server" is bust.
  13. The beauty of computers.
  14. I don't understand people who claim fireproof hack protection is possible. If a modified client can play as well as the best possible human, do you really feel like you can win?
  15. Honestly they cant. At least not well enough to matter. Sure, a hack client can autoattack, but only milliseconds faster than a decent player. Any really good pvp player (in any game) is going to tell you that botting control inputs is a disadvantage. The only advantages are from hacking normally impossible actions, like attacking things behind you or through walls.

    Hacks/bots cant aimbot with bows, no matter what anyone claims. Computers are horrible at hitting moving targets that can change direction suddenly, humans can predict changes much more accurately.
  16. Computers can write music without the help of humans, and can easily learn to predict human behavior if someone bothers hooking the right pieces of software up to the Minecraft protocol.
  17. Humans may have instinct and emotions we can't bring into computers, but no matter what, they can find a way to beat us.

    But let me define that again, computers cannot beat us. WE humans can program computers to beat us. A computer is essentially a human but with the possibility of strength & intelligence x1000000.
  18. I get what you're saying, but there really isn't any effective difference, especially in this context.
  19. From what I can tell, it's just a server with a modified AAC config... https://github.com/KnightDev/AACconfig/blob/master/config.yml
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  20. Tux


    I should add that Minecraft leans heavily on the client to tell it the truth, which allows a malicious client to cheat.
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