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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by DifferentCraft, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. my wish is that spigot confirm they testet stonar69's version and comment it.
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  2. we need anti xray back in spigot 1.9
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  3. Yup
  4. ssamjh


    I'd agree with the other members and say just make it as a plugin.

    Then everyone has the choice and people won't complain when their creative server is lagging from anti x-ray (yes I have seen posts about it).

    im referring to the fact where it was enabled by default
  5. In my opinion Stonar69 should publish the source code, normal users are unable to see the pull request in spigotmc's scm (stash).
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  6. hmm ya maybe this could help to stop spigot ignoring him...
  7. @md_5 what are your thoughts about Anti-Xray for spigot 1.9?
    we think you should bring it back.
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  8. Looks like This fork of Orebfuscator is being updated here I haven't tried it or looked into it but the commits say it is being updated. I can't say it works.
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  9. i still prefere an inbuilt version. after testing stonars96's version i dont see a reason to remove this essential feature.
  10. I prefer a plugin. I run CraftBukkit, not Spigot. Besides, the old Orebfuscator plugin did more than the old anti-xray built in to Spigot.
  11. But the buildt in was much more lightweight than the plugin IMHO
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  12. They have worse performance though. Why is why md_5 contacted the developer of Orebfuscator about a server-side implementation.

    Can I ask why? (Legit question) Spigot has everything Bukkit has, as well as many improvements.

    Like what, exactly? (Again, legit question) Are you familiar with the Spigot anti-xray engine modes?
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  13. Spigot also breaks some of the Minecraft mechanics.
    Orebfuscator includes Proximity Hider, which hides spawners, chests, etc. So that long-distance chest finder won't work. I believe Orebfuscator has an additional, more effective engine mode, and protects against freecam.
  14. the buildt in anti xray was one of my main reasons to get into spigot. its smooth and i love the modes. now stonar96 made it work smooth on 1.9 and i am confused why they still ignore him.
  15. ssamjh


    Still testing it out, but so far it seems very smooth
  16. Celebrimbor


    Need as plugin :(

    Unless there is a way to make it run on latest version of Spigot. Not a fan of running 30+ versions behind.
  17. Why did spigot remove Anti-Xray?
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