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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by DifferentCraft, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. ssamjh


    There is now an update for Orebfuscator on the BukkitDev page.
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  2. Thats good news. So how about a statement from spigot? Will soigot be able to provide buildt in anti-xray again?
  3. i just tested the latest orebuscator but i didnt work. anyone tryed it ?
  4. Orebuscator isn't working for me neither for some reason the plugin is active but my client is still looking fully through it.
    Other side 1.9 is just released and scripters have a tough time with updating some of their scripts because all id's changed.
    Maybe you could ask them and they will fix it for you or find a solution!:)
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  5. Listen guys, I know why Orebfuscator does not work. You need to set the anti-xray engine-mode to 2 in the spigot.yml file or else it will stick to the spigot built in one which sucks. Orebfuscator is the best anti-xray ever. If it still happens to not work you will need to download ProtocolLib which is a dependency of the plugin. Hope this helped :)
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  6. Oh my fault: i forgot to install "protocollib" now it works

    but i still prefere the smooth antixray from spigot

    @stonar96 made a working version which is super smooth!
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  7. i forgot to put it on 2. that might make sense yeah.
    Glad you helped me out @Blasthappy1!
  8. Celebrimbor


    You have a med-large server? Can you show us some timings of Orebuscator on Eng2?

    I'm going to test myself, but if it's a fatal death cluster, I'd rather hear it instead of testing.
  9. At the moment we are starting with a server and there where problems with anti-xray. i can't give you much detail because i'm alone on the server testing it with more xray clients than only that one.

    for now it looks like it's working but at this moment i can't help you to much information because we are in starting fase.
  10. ssamjh


    What are you on about? It comes with engine mode 2 by default.
  11. @ssamjh how sure are you i just tried it and it where on 1 for me and not on 2?.
    Maybe i made a mistake earlier but for me that isn't right.
  12. ssamjh


    Have you installed protocollib?
  13. [​IMG]
    This where a fast 1.8.8 setup. or this need to be changed or its still the same for me.
    At 1.9 it where the same as far as i know because i set it manually
  14. Orebfuscator set mode 2 by default.
    For now ProtocolLib is mandatory for Orebfuscator.
    Initialization log tells if ProtocolLib is not installed. But I'm guessing it would be better to make so server crash if ProtocolLib is not installed :)

    What the problem with mode 1, how can I reproduce it?
    Mode 1 is working exactly the same as mode 2 with one difference - mode 1 is using stone or netherrack to obfuscate blocks, but mode 2 is using random blocks (specified in config).
    Also draw attention that block is obfuscated only if it is covered by non-transparent blocks (settings for this could be modified).
    If you want to hide exposed ore - use proximity hider (but this could be additional load to CPU), by default to proximity block list added diamond ore, emerald ore, chest, ench table (and some other blocks), but iron, gold, lapis, redstone are not here by default.

    This is looks like very old config format, 3.0.6 and 4.0.x Orebfuscator is using absolutely different format.
    Draw attention that Orebfuscator 4.0.x is storing config in Orebfuscator4 folder.

    EDIT: btw you can use ofc status command to check status of plugin
    EDIT2: But I'm agree that mode 2 could be more effective by doing confusion to cheater, which could help to "protect" even non-obfuscated exposed ore.
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  15. If you want a version of Orebfuscator for 1.8.8, you can use MarioG1's version.
  16. @StrawberryF In the next day or two I'll be releasing "Final" versions of Orebfuscator 3.0.6 for each of the major Minecraft releases (with instructions on which release to use for which MC version). This should help people still using 1.8.x and in need of anti-xray.
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