1.9+ Combat Mechanics

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Would you player on a pvp, survival, or skyblock server that uses 1.9 combat mechanics?

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  1. Hey there. Lets say I make a pvp, survival, and sky block server that uses 1.9 combat. Would I be able to get any players? I don't see any servers that use 1.9 combat, and I know that very little people that combat system. Should I make a server with 1.9 combat (my preferred combat system), or go with 1.8 to POSSIBLY attract more players?
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    I am sure most players prefer the 1.8 combat system but please don’t make your server 1.8.8. Make it 1.12 or 1.13 when that launches and use a plugin that swaps the new combat mechanics with the 1.8 combat system in newer versions.
  3. Do you think its even possible to have a small 1.9 combat server? Cause rn i cant find and 1.9 combat players :(
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    Well seeing as most pvp servers still seem to use 1.8 style combat (which is quite non-skill and spam-click based) there is definitely room for a well designed modern combat/pvp server.

    You might have a hard time to attract players as most are used to 1.8 combat so you would need something else to hook players. Either with classes/functionality/features or by taking the criticism of the 1.9 combat mechanics into consideration and trying to create mechanics that 1.8 players can still find enjoying (e.g. faster fights than normal 1.9 combat) but don't have all the downsides of 1.8 combat (so at least having a fix for spam clicking and the non-skill requirement)
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