Bungee - Proxy [1.9.X / 1.10 Working] UltimateAnimMOTD 1.1

Animated MOTD for BungeeCord 1.9 & 1.10

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  1. Please review and feedback this plugin. It helps me understand where the potential bugs could be and how to solve them.
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  2. I will release a new version today, which will cover the bugs created by color codes. Stay tunned!

    P.S: Version 1.0 of this plugin will no longer be supported.
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  3. Best MOTD plugin ever :D Thx dude
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  4. Thanks! :D I will update this resource today - sorry for the delay!
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  5. When I install this plugin, it continually tells me that I am trying to "connect too fast" when I attempt to join.
  6. same problem... can't connect [​IMG]
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  7. Alright, I am looking into that now.
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  8. I got a workaround, but is pretty far from the end of the test phase. I will come back at 8 P.M (Romanian hour) with a fix. Stay tuned!
    P.S: The plugin is way too far from being completely bugged, there are features that can be saved!
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  9. its not animated for me in 1.9 and in 1.10 ^^
  10. Well, you can still try the AnimMOTD old plugin if you think is working way more better for 1.9 or 1.10 Bungees ^_^
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  11. never said this, but its not animated on my server ;D, juts know that mojan gremoved this in 1.9.2 ? or something like this
  12. I know you never said that, but please accept my niceness suggestion :) At least, we have it colored and working in different ways with different features in 1.9 and 1.10 . Does that old plugin do, loading in 1.9 at least? That's a patch, a fix for further versions.

    P.S: If it is not working, maybe you can keep pressing the Download button sometimes, well yea, that is how downloads are made and updates(you are asking) are being downloaded on your computer ;)
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  13. What you have to do inside Bungee's config:
    Code (Text):
    connection_throttle: 1
    For some reason, the Bungee will forget connection_throttle setting really exists :) I will post that in the documentation as well :)
    It works for me. Tell me if it does not work for you and I will continue to look for further fixes. ;)

    I got a bad review few minutes ago, regarding to the exact same error I am fixing with the setting in this post. Please READ again. If you want an Animated MOTD plugin working for newer Bungee versions than 1.8, then stop bad reviewing it, otherwise people will not use it.
    Request support if you cannot fix it by yourself, I am here to help obviously.
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  14. There is such a small way until we make it for 150 downloads. So thank you so much for your appreciation! :3
    Don't forget guys to share this with your friends and rate it as well. This helps the community and owners to use a working version of an animated motd which is SO awesome!
  15. Not animated on my side, whatever I'm trying to do. :/
  16. Can you please show me your logs and a print screen of your actual MOTD?
    It is working for me and for another guy that had downloaded it. So the plugin it is working, it could be something with your configuration or whatever you are trying to do with it.
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  17. Using Minecraft 1.10 and the latest version of BuneeCord, 5 lines in each .txt file ("Line 1" to "Line 5") :

    Still on Line 1, not changing whatsoever I do.
  18. http://pastebin.com/ . Three configs I need: 1st line, 2nd line, config.yml of the plugin.

    Does it work on 1.9?