1 plugin or multiple?

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  1. Hello guys,
    So I am starting to code every thing I need for my server completely myself so ALL plugins on my server will be my own custom plugins.
    Should I only use 1 plugin to do everything? Or should I make multiple plugins for multiple aspects?
    I would imagine just 1 so the plugin-loader doesn't have to work much, correct?
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    Nah, multiple plugins will be better if you are doing a whole range of different things for simplicity and organisational purposes. Using multiple plugins isn't too big of a hit for performance at all.
  3. Personally I am unsure, however, from personal experience I can tell you that when I made all of my custom plugins into one core plugin, the server would load much faster and it felt smoother too.
  4. All of your plugins custom? Gl developing a permissions plugin and a protocollib alternative...
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  5. With all respect to your personal experience, you WON'T notice any difference while the server is running. The startup time won't be much noticeable longer either.
  6. Would prefer separates plugins which allows to restart parts of your system while your server is running. Nobody likes server restarts.
  7. Haha, I actually do not use protocollib.
    However, I will keep PEX, worldedit, and worldguard. Everything else will be my own plugin.
  8. Personally I find permissions plugins one of the easiest things to do. That is of course unless you want all the features that PEX and other popular permissions plugins have then it becomes quite difficult.
    Running multiple plugins really won't matter performance wise so long as all of them are made correctly and efficient.
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    I made my own permissions plugin with no sweat. Of course libraries like ProtocolLib and LibsDisguises are nice; no reason to recode those. I'd recommend doing the custom route, it's a great learning experience and you get a sweet custom server to show off!
  10. Multiple as if you find a bug in your plugin it's easy to remove it whilst you fix it rather than having one plugin that you can't remove since it has everything in it.
  11. On a sidenote. if he is doing literally EVERY plugin on his own there's no need he needs a complex permission plugin like GroupManager or PEX.
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  12. If nothing else, I find keeping everything broken up in multiple plugins makes it far easier to keep track and update various features. That being said, I have a tendency to just throw another class on my existing plugin because I'm too lazy to make another. XD
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  13. TECHNICALLY, there's less overhead for one plugin. But that overhead is measured in bytes of memory, you'll never notice it.

    It's much better to divide it into multiple plugins, just to make administration easier. It allows easier testing when you're trying to isolate a bug. It's easier for a staff member to learn which plugin does what (if they're logically named). And what if you start another server later down the road, and only want a few of the features of the plugin?
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  14. The more you separate things, the easier it is to disable certain parts. I am currently in the process of separating my plugin into several smaller ones. Have to say after separation, the development feels much more flexible and transparent.

    It will possibly take you a bit more effort to set it up properly, but it is worth it in the end.
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    And if you ever decide to put those plugins up for download, it'll make it quite a bit easier if they are separate.