10,000 Spigot messages.

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  1. Hello everyone from all corners of the internet and Spigot!

    Today I come here to celebrate this here message being my 10,000th Spigot post. I've come a long way here in the Spigot community in just under 2 years and I want to celebrate and thank those who have brought me this far. Even if I don't congratulate you, please know that I do thank you very much so for how far you've brought me in this community whether it be a positive or negative influence. All of my posts may not be 100% legit (I have some very short posts on the forums such as Yes' and No's like I think we all do) but I'd like to say that I've come a long way and this post is my way of giving back to those that have really affected me in the community!

    @mathhulk - You were the first person who posted on my Spigot profile and asked for my server IP and wanted to start helping me out with improving my server, and self. You've been an amazing influence to me with lots of amazing criticism for me. You've helped me tremendously with my server and my Spigot appearance. :p Thanks so much! :)

    @Struck713 - You've been a really good friend of mine for a while and I found you on YouTube a long time ago! You were also one of the first people to contact me VIA Spigot. You've always been a great helping hand to me and I can't thank you enough! Thanks for your hard work and influencing me to be how I am today!

    @Mike70387 - Your a good friend of Struck's and as I'm writing this your in a call with me. :p You've been a really nice person to me and have helped me improve things on my server and other places to make them better! Thanks for telling me mainly what was good and what was bad for me! I got to give you credit, you have done a lot for me in the past that I must thank you for! Good luck with CoreHQ! :) I can't wait for it to release!

    @Cervinakuy - You've been on of my friends for a while and have been probably one of the bigger influences on my server and my Spigot life. Over time you've given me a lot of positive criticism on many things and I thank you greatly for it! Keep making awesome plugins! They're really popular incase you didn't notice :p

    @Gianluca - You've been a good friend on mine for a short while but I just had to put you here. Thanks for your opinions on things I've asked you in the past! Thanks also for your positive sportsmanship towards things that I push towards! Keep being an awesome resource staff!

    @md_5 - Thanks for making such an awesome community for me to be apart of! Without you starting this amazing project, none of us would be here as we are today! Thanks for your amazing efforts along with ThinkOfDeath and all the Spigot Staff! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    If I didn't include your name above, please don't think that I don't credit you for influencing me a lot. I'd like to thank everyone from my haters to my motivators (cringe) in the Spigot community that I have interacted with for helping me! Don't feel left out! If I haven't talked to you yet, shoot me a PM and we can get to know each other... idk. Once again, thanks everyone for bringing me on this amazing journey in the Spigot community! Let's see what the future holds!
    (If you thought the last sentence meant I was quitting Spigot, it does not mean that... yet).

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  2. Pretty large milestone, congrats dude.
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  4. No life spigot poster kid.
    Other then that, congrats!
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  5. Congratz @BrettplayMC

    Me applauding cause you reached 10,000 messages!

    Me suprized because you reached 10,000 messages!

    Me jealous because you reached 10,000 messages before me!
    @md_5 please delete his message count so I can feel better.
    @mathhulk @BrettplayMC said that you're not good at math, so delete his message count please, so I can feel better.
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  6. Gratz! Happy 10k posts
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  7. Bruh wtf! Why are you bringing up Gavin's passing?
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  8. Brett was being honest about putting him on here ;-;
    EDIT: Also gave you your 700th post :3
  9. It's still unusual to bring up Gavin though!
  10. <3

    Great job Brett! Now on to 100k posts. Have fun and I will see you in 2045!
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  11. @md_5 give me a rating like you did with Brett please!
  12. He should totally give us all one :3
  13. I know right my birthday is on June 17th!. So he should totally give me one!
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  14. big boi you did a good.
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  15. Choco


    Too bad I don't know how to read the whole post :c
    I just rated it friendly because other people did too! Damn I wish I could read... #FeelsBadMan
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  16. Rate me please! My birthday is on June 17th!
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  17. Congrats on your 10k messages. That is pretty big and it takes a lot of time to reach that milestone.
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  18. Choco


    Sorry, I can't read...
    my life is a meme
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