10,000 Spigot messages.

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Did you read the whole post?

  1. Yes.

  2. I'm close.

  3. I dont know how to.

  4. tl;dr.

  1. I think they should reset his message count now o_O;)
  2. Mike70387 suggested that as a joke. xD
    P.S. joehot's message count didn't get reset. :(
  3. Whoops I guess I better reference him lol - I didn't see it ;-;
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  4. bad thing!
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  5. Congrats on the milestone, all you need now to to reach 100k posts
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  6. Legoman99573


  7. nah.
    Happy 2am btw.
  8. Write an example of a risk
  9. My message...?
  10. @BrettplayMC Why am I not on this?! I gave you a donut! :p
  11. JamesJ


    Damn that message to rating ratio...
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  12. Gratz! That is so awesome! Hope you stay being active on this forums!
  13. 10k posts... Most of your posts are filled with shitposting
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  14. Celebrimbor


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  15. Gaxan


    All you need to do now
    Be able to throw the f Bomb and get ratings like @JamesJ (his rating to message ratio is around 90% I think)
    Be a spigot slut like @2008Choco (sorry I had to :D)
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  16. Choco


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  17. JamesJ


    Close enough ;)
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  18. Wow, Congrats :)
  19. Constrictive please. I didn't make this thread to thank people and then get this on the thread from people like you.
    I'm not in that race. ;)
    If you wanna compete in that race, you're gonna have to beat md_5 and Maximvdw. It's nearly impossible to get first place.
  20. Yet another shit post.. Damn daniel.. Just stop shitposting or do it somewhere else
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