10 players bringing my i5-4460 server on its knees

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by gronnmann, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. So, basically I have a little server with my friends. To host that, I use an old PC I has lying around.
    The specs are:
    i5 4460
    8 GB RAM
    500 GB HDD from old laptop

    Based on processor and RAM, I should manage quite a few players.
    Currently we have running a BungeeCord and a Hub, each with Xmx of 512M.
    We are also running the main Spigot server (survival), with Xmx of 6Gb, and with these plugins:
    This gives us the timings:
    Notice that the plugin with most %% is AntiAura, which we didn't have at the time we experienced lags.

    Once the server reaches about 10 players, it gets really laggy and I get server overloaded messages the whole time.
    Does anyone have any ideas what might be the factor here?
  2. Yeah, well, running a 6 year old CPU will not help at all, and using a HDD certainly will not for
    That CPU came out in the 1.7.10 era !

    Modern Minecraft versions definately need more oomph from a computer.
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  3. Makes kind of sense, but processors still haven't really improved so much single core wise since broadwell (4th gen). I know people that have ran Minecraft on computers from ~2005 with no issues, so I don't see no reason why a quite okay processor even today should struggle to run a minecraft server of all things.
  4. 1. HDD
    2. i5 4460
    3. Way too much plugins for
    If they are your friends, why would you need an antiaura or an antixray plugin???
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  5. Running minecraft is no problem, but a server will struggle on those kind of computer.
    You can change the view distance of your server that will fix some issues but worldgeneration will still be hard for your computer I think
  6. Thanks guys, will try it :)

    The AntiAura and Orebfuscator was mostly for some testing and because some of us really like xray texturepacks. Didn't have it at the moments of lags though.
  7. drives_a_ford


    Not entirely true. While clockspeed hasn't significantly increased over the years, there are other factors to the performance of a CPU.
    Take a look at this answer, for example.

    Performance can also depend on what else is running on the same thread.
  8. Strahan


    Ah, beat me to it. Too many people think clock speed is the end all and be all.

    Also OP, the server was brought "to" its knees. If something goes on its knees, that's typically a very different meaning lol
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  9. Spend a few minutes optimizing your server. Your hardware isn't the greatest but it's definitely good enough with proper optimizing if all you're looking to do is host a small friends server.
    1. Use PaperSpigot or potentially Tuinity (requires Java 11 for Tuinity)
    2. Optimize your server settings with this guide here
    3. Get rid of plugins you don't need. If this is just a friends server you don't need plugins like AntiAura.
  10. Thanks man :)
    Never heard of Tuinity, will take a look at it.
    Also, for now I have spread the main survival server to an old laptop with i7 4700HQ, and the bungee and hub on the i5 4460. Works some better than before, but still some lags sometimes.
  11. your problem is most likely with your setup not the CPU as people say.