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Feature 10 running TPS average

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Aikar, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Per discussing with mikeprimm, I have wrote a patch to also keep track of a running TPS average with 10s resolution.

    The current /tps command only keeps a running average for 1 second. So that means its very hard to ever see spikes show up on /tps. /tps will also only "drop below 20" in cases of severe load on the server that is keeping it constantly down.

    Adding a 10s window gives more oversight into the performance in the last 10 seconds and not "just now"

    Patch: https://github.com/aikar/EMC-CraftBukkit/commit/4d0afbe3e64ded5d1d583485ce68a70198f595ab

    Link will eventually die as I force push, so if it does just find it on:
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  2. joehot200


    Good job! :)

    Does this mean we will have to wait 10 seconds with the /tps command before getting the results?
  3. No, but the 10s version will be skewed until at least 10 seconds. But you should NEVER trust tps in the first 10s anyways, as so much stuff is still loading and the JVM is still optimizing.
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