Praise 10 years of Minecraft

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  1. Today is the day. 10 years ago, on the 17th of May, 2009, a person named Markus Persson released the first version of a game called Minecraft. I don't think that any of us, including Markus himself, would imagine that his silly idea of a 3D blocky game would still be here 10 years later. I wanted to write this thread as a praise, a thank you to everyone who has either developed the game or has been part of the community (which includes all of you who are reading this).

    Below a little story of how my 7 and a half years of Minecraft has looked.

    I personally started playing Minecraft since the 1.0.0 release, which (according to the Wiki) was somewhere around November 2011. That means that I've been playing this game for a whopping 7 and a half years by now, and I have to say; it's been one hell of a ride. Back in the first release, I was still playing the game normally. I remember I played survival for a few patch releases. After that, I got a cracked launcher (because I was a cheap kid) and started playing on this cracked Towny server. I kept this going til about version 1.2.5, after the server unfortunately shut down. During this period though, I had a fantastic time playing Towny with all of the users on that server. I was always amazed by the creativity of the users and what kind of things people were able to built either with blocks or redstone. As tiny and basic as 1.0.0 looks compared to 1.14.1, it still amazed me every day back then and I spent countless hours playing.

    Unfortunately after 1.2.5 (with the 1.3.0 launch), the server was shut down and I was forced to look for a new one. I found this other survival server which looks quite similar to the one that I had to leave, but it was Factions instead of Towny (though Factions was more used as grief prevention alone). I started playing on this server til about version 1.7.0 or so (can't remember the exact date). Since I was still playing the game tremendously active back then, I got this special little rank from the administrators as a token of their appreciation and dedication towards the server (it was a small, slightly unprofessional server, so they did those kind of things). At some point, things quickly escalated from there. I went from this little appreciation rank to helper; to junior mod; to moderator; to head mod; to admin; to head admin; co owner and eventually I was called owner (along with one other). I had been given tasks to maintain the servers (such as managing users), improve things, come up with new ideas, etc etc. I at some point was even given FTP and console access to install plugins, configure them, etc. I gained a lot of experience here, but unfortunately that story also had to end, which leaves us at the next step I had to take; my own server.

    Somewhere around 1.7.0, I started to build my own server. Still mostly a rookie and unexperienced enough, I released (yes, I was able to release servers back then, before anyone makes that joke) a simple survival (Towny) server called Flint Network. All in all it was pretty bad, not gonna lie. I struggled for about a year, maybe a bit more, trying to build up a proper player count. I had some very dedicated players and the community was beyond hearth warming, but something was wrong. I never (with the Towny gamemode) got more than 5 - 15 players. I struggled for a long time coming up with new ideas, tried different mechanisms of advertising, even made more and different gamemodes. I added Factions after a while and that was able to bump up the player count to around 30 (with 25 of those on Factions), but in the end that also dropped back to zero. I had been struggling for far too long and at some point I released I was doing something completely wrong; uniqueness was missing. As a last effort to hopefully get more attention, I tried to invest a bit more into creating a professional website and build a reputation outside of the game. I renamed Flint Network to Dyescape, god knows how I even came up with that name. We bought ourselves a domain, made an Enjin website with a proper theme and acceptable logo. However, things still didn't improve. At some point, my level of stress trying to keep the server alive wasn't good for my sanity. I realised drastic steps had to be taken; I had to do the one thing I was most afraid of doing; close the server, make something completely different (new gamemodes) and potentially lose everything I had build up till then (though it wasn't much in terms of numbers, it meant a lot to me back then). I closed the server with a simple promise stating that we'll be back to one day conquer the blocky game.

    And that's where we are today, still trying to keep that promise with hopefully a server that I can release in the upcoming few months. It's been one hell of a ride, but I learned so much along the way. I learned about community management, moderation, got some creativity and even got into a bit of plugin development along the way.

    I for one, and undoubtedly everyone reading this, has had its personal ups and downs. I hope everyone realises that Minecraft is no different. We humans (especially we Dutchies) are very good at focussing only on the negative things. I think the Dutch culture is known for being quite picky and negative in general. There's even a Dutch saying which goes "iedereen moet z'n plasje erover doen", which translates to "everyone needs to take a piss on your idea". If your ideas still stand after a tsunami of critisim, then we have a winner.

    Today however, I want to set negativity aside and praise Minecraft for what it really is; a fantastic, world-wide, community driven sandbox game with one of the most creative and best people I've ever met. We've had good and bad updates. We've had stable and unstable releases, we've had Microsoft buying the game; which not everyone was a fan of. Minecraft has had it's ups and downs, just like all of us. Let's not forget how fantastic Minecraft in the end really is. No game has lasted this long while remaining this popular. It's truly a fantastic achievement we should not forget. Minecraft truly has been part of my life for quite a long time right now, and I hope that this passion and motivation can keep on living as long as the game exists.

    I also want to give a big thank you to this community. This community, SpigotMC, has been my go-to place for anything Minecraft (or even tech) related. Whether I need help, want to discuss topics with someone, need plugins, or simply need someone to talk to. Also here on this forums we see our ups and downs. I've helped lots of people, but I've also upset plenty. I hope that everyone realises that all intensions of mine are good, and are towards building the future of this game that I fell in love with.

    With Hytale on the way, I hope that both games will be able to run alongside each other in peace. Instead of looking at Hytale as competition, let's value Hytale as a partner, and let's not forget where Hytale came from.

    A special thanks to a few people who've been an important part of my recent time:

    @Aekalix my man, my partner in crime. How did we even find each other? Let's hope faith brought us together to achieve our goal.

    @MiniDigger you're the person I looked up to all the time on this forums, even today. I upmost respect you in every way; your objective view on things, your development skills, and even today your contributions to Dyescape and having faith in my crazy ideas.

    @md_5 without SpigotMC, where would we all be; where would Minecraft be. You and all other developers who contributed to building a modding API while Mojang hasn't made one (even obfuscated the original code) have my sincerest respect.

    Minecraft, SpigotMC; thank you for the wonderful 7 and a half years. Let's hope I can write another praise for a 10 year anniversary!
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  2. Still gonna be a meme though once it's released, how many names does it have now?
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  3. Yep, it will always be meme'd for eternity but we all (or at least I) have major respect for Dennis to not get peer-pressured into releasing a bad product. I'd much rather a Delayscape than a Badscape.

    As per OP, It's safe to say that Minecraft has literally changed my life in so many ways as well. The first server I remember playing on, I literally bought owner for $70 and got OP and all of that stuff. I totally didn't give all my friends free diamonds ;). Minecraft (and subsequently Spigot) is also the reason why I'm about to take a Computer science exam and probably major in it for the next four years of my life. #LongLiveMinecraft
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  4. MiniDigger


    Ill try to share part of my story too, altho its way to long to go into details.

    I was 13 when I first discovered minecraft, sometime in late 2010, before beta was released. I was playing on a CoD:4 Server with friends (from school and from the internet) at that time when the admin decided to switch the game to that strange looking block game we all know and love today. Soon I was spending most of my free time building stuff and exploring caves.

    But after some time, I got bored. Thats when I discovered the modding scene. For those newer to the community: the modding community was quite different back then. There was no forge yet, all we had was searge and his mcp (you know, back then we copy pasted class files into the minecraft jar and deleted META-INF to break the signature verification), it was even before dinnerbone and friends started the bukkit project, we had hmod and canarymod for server side modding. So now this 13 year old boy, using the PC of his dad, was gonna learn java all by his own so that he could have more block in game to play with.

    Beta came, minecraft evolved, new stuff go added (I still remember a friend of mine showing me his giant noteblock contraption (this was for noteblockstudio, it was all done by hand) and how amazed I was, right before I took out a bucket of water :D), mojang adopted content from mods (I still hate em for replacing the piston mod with the pistons we have now, just look at this old captain sparkels vid, piston mod was amazing! https:// /watch?v=salYX2iDyqs (fuck xenforos autoembeed...)), you know, progress.

    Then I heard of a new thing called bukkit, it would make server modding was easier. I am not exactly sure when that was, sometime early 2011 (I still didn't own a minecraft account then since I had no way to actually buy the game and I didn't feel like annoying my dad with it). I quickly adopted my modding skills and suddenly we were running a bukkit server with custom plugins ( wasn't a thing yet) and had some random ppl join. It was amazing to see ppl play with stuff you created.

    I finally got an minecraft account may 2011, as a late birthday gift. my dad also picked my name, MiniDigger, which I have sticked to over since. Its a reference to the fact that I would dig giant holes at the beach when we were on summer vacations. It was also that day when I picked my dirt/grass skin, that I only change for winter season, into a snowy grass block.

    I spend the next few years working for servers, first for fun, then for money. I soon figured out that the most fun thing would be to come into a team, fix the most interesting bugs, get paid and leave again for the next opportunity. Soon I build up a rep as nms expert since I loved digging deep into the internals (my mcp modding past has helped me there). I even had the luck to work with one of the biggest server (back then and still now).

    I never was the most communicative guy. I tried to figure out everything on my own. I didn't participate in online discussions or stuff like that. I only have 300 posts over at bukkit. That started to change when I got older and spoke english better. Spigot became a thing and after I while, I switched over. I found out about a thing called IRC and was met with a room full of strange but cool ppl. Some of them have since left the community, some of them I still hang out in those IRC channels. But I still didn't really use the forums.

    It was 2016 when that changed. I was in my last year of school, which didn't really challenge me and I was bored a lot in class. I happend to be in a team of students who maintained the schools IT infrastructure so I was one of the lucky ones who had internet on his phone in class because I was in the laptop wifi (our school was a giant block of beton and metal, no phone reception, not that anyone actually had mobile internet to spare back then). So I looked to waste some time. I gained more interest for MC again and discovered that there are a bunch of ppl of the spigot forums that could use my help. I went on a posting spree (I still remember @LeePMC PM'ing me to stop with the spam :D) and I build up the repetition I have on here today.

    So yeah, thats a quick summary of my history in minecraft, I was lucky enough to have experienced most of its history. I experienced events like the the 1.0 launch or the bukkit drama first hand. I was able to turn my hobby, programming, into a successful career (I have a bachelor in scientific programming and work as a business application developer for a big german insurance company, my job interview was literally talking about minecraft and the open source community for half an hour). I was part of many interested projects, the latest one being Dyescape. I met so many amazing ppl in this community and I wouldn't know what I would do when I wait for builds at work without the IRC community :D
    I am not gonna list ppl I want to thank, since that list would be way to long and I would still be forgetting half of the ppl.

    While some consider the future of minecraft uncertain and only see the negative, I choose to search for the positive. Its an amazing game with an amazing community and an amazing team of developers (go ahead and name one single game where normies like me can just go ahead and speak to the developers of the team and ask for help, reverse engineering their stuff) and I think that we have a glorious future ahead of us. Onto the next 10 years!
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  5. Yeah, minecraft and spigot introduced me to computer programming as well. I actually started out doing command blocks and when I tried real programming, I thought it was interesting how the two are sort of connected in a way. Command blocks are almost like a scripting language.
  6. MiniDigger


    isn't minecraft turing complete with functions now?
  7. I started playing minecraft late 2012 with my classmate. The version was 1.3.2. then I'm still playing minecraft!
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  8. Everyone who played the demo on the website for months, put your hands up and said “Yeaaaah”!
  9. I was too young to really remember but I remember seeing my older brother playing the demo and then he showed me. I do remember getting scared by a zombie jumping out of nowhere and ever since have played on peaceful xD
  10. Absolutely, although I don't think functions are the one that made that the case. The programming language Basic made in Minecraft should easily cover the requirements for turing completeness and that was made with command blocks in 1.12 I think.
  11. Yea, i started playing minecraft around that time as well, however it was more of an on-off sorta thing, still is xD
  12. I started around december 2010 (Beta 1.1_01) playing Minecraft. At that time I was in grade 11 of a school that was specific aimed for computer science. Hmod was fun, after it was discontinued I switched to CanaryMod first but some time later I found my fable for Bukkit. I started transfering my freshly learned programming knowledge into Bukkit plugins. That plugin I wrote was very basic in the beginning. From update to update it got new features. Before I published it on Bukkit it was named MyOwn later on SmartServerTool. My code quality was horrible at that time. From 2013 - 2018 the plugin code bumbled around. It now got a revamp. I hated revamping that shitty code.

    Since around 2014 I started looking into NMS and playing with it. I published API's and later on participated in pr'ing features into the Bukkit/Spigot API. One cause was that plugin development wasn't a challenge anymore. Since 2017 I actively helped answering questions here. Without Minecraft and especially Bukkit/Spigot I probably didn't have the motivation to evolve my programming capabilities.
  13. Woohoo!
    I've been playing since 2012 and it's been a very interesting journey. :)
    I still enjoy the game even though none of my friends play it anymore. :p

    If any of you are wondering what the 2 big announcements Mojang was going to make today, i'll sum them up for you:

    Minecon Live: Minecon Earth but renamed because of the second announcement (I believe) for 2019. It will be 90 minutes on September 28th at 12:00 noon (EST). Trailer Link.

    Minecraft Earth: An augmented reality mobile game to bring Minecraft to real life via your phone. Trailer Link.
  14. I started playing minecraft when I was 9 years old (1.5.2, in 2013) and I probably found the game via google. I was so fascinated about the game, because you can roam everywhere, build what you want, destroy what you want, anything. I downloaded the demo version of the game and made my first dirthouse, because I had no idea how the game worked. I discovered basic stuff, like making a crafting table.

    (A few weeks later, I don't really know when, but) I found the cracked version of Minecraft in Facebook (Java Web Applet probs). The real fun began when I created my own world. So now Minecraft saved my progress and shit, in contrary with the demo version. I created a world in survival mode so I could advance.

    Fast forwarding and I found the first server I ever played on.

    My first server I ever joined was a portuguese server. When I joined the server, I tried to figure out how to register (lol), because I didn't know what register meant and I did know a bit of English. so I tried typing "/register bla", and then I came to the login command and typed the same password, and now I had access to the server. I have had lots of fun there. From fishing, pvp to building houses, swimming and exploring the scary forest. Of course I watched some cool youtubers like: "DusDavid, iJordiii, Tom Scheeper (My favorite youtuber, but sadly he deleted his account after he got accepted for doing research in Antartica), BanjoTown and more".

    Unfortunately, the server shut down in 1.6.4 for some reasons. So I had to search for other servers.

    Fast forwarding to when I was 11 (2015), I made a lot of progress. From making servers to installing plugins and configuring .yml files. I finally found the wonderful world of Java and the Bukkit/Spigot-API. My own plugin was very basic, and written off from a tutorial. I learned it from the interwebs of course. I was so fascinated about that too, how everything worked. My coding-skills sucked.

    Fast forward to 2017, I left the minecraft community. Because I was bored playing Minecraft. Came back again in mid 2018, but also left in mid 2018, and now I am here because I currently have nothing to do.

    My goal is to learn as much things as possible about programming, the spigot-api and maths.

    I would really appreciate feedback and pointing things where I am wrong, so I can learn from my mistakes.
  15. Not gonna write a whole story, as it's basically the same as the others already on here, but a tldr on the other hand, is definitely doable.

    I started playing minecraft around 2011-2012, I can’t remember the exact date though as I was far too young. Started making servers in 2014, started doing java in 2015. Took a break from java, and in 2016, did a course on front end web development, then in 2017, got back into java. I’m still in high school, and I do some small comissions and what not, but nothing profoundly amazing has happened due to a result of my skills, but I can hope they’ll assist me in the future when I’m looking for a job.
  16. I like the little easter eggs
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  17. Thank you for sharing, I've been playing for years and the game still never ceases to amaze me.
  18. I been around since 1.7.10 first time I played was servers then went onto modded Minecraft then started making great inspired servers after gaining some experience in Minecraft.