100 - 150 players on. Recent Lag.

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  1. Hey guys, my server averages 100-150 online players, and we've started to recently get a bunch of lag. Just yesterday, we were running max slots at 150/150 with no problems and 20.00 TPS, yet just right now we have 100 online and we have lag spikes here and there today.

    I've looked at our timings during the spikes, and it seems to be entities. It's weird because I use clearlagg, and whenever I use /lagg check, the number seems like it's the average for 100 players on. /lagg clear helps a bit, but what's the main issue?

    Is it possible to tell from this timings report? I'm thinking someone has a massive grinder and is just afking right now. I have no way of teleporting to this person though :/

  2. hmm, Do you have the mobspawner setting enabled in clearlag? if not then change it to this and see if it makes a difference :) I had a similar problem and this solved it for me:

    #This takes care of mob spawners
    enabled: true
    max-spawn: 35
  3. #This takes care of mob spawners
    enabled: false
    max-spawn: 5

    Thanks! Your post made me re-check my settings. This WHOLE time, I thought I had it enabled.
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