100 Mbps vs 1 Gbps

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by VizionStudiosMc, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Could someone tell me the big different between 100 Mbps vs 1 Gbps and how will the players feel it?
  2. I like to know how it would be in minecraft
  3. Ohk.

    No but in all serious ness, if you dont get like a few thousand people i wouldnt recommend it.
    I mean it wouldnt help as people's ISP limits them fairly much.
    But if you plan on sending big worlds and chunks to players constantly 1gb is alot, but would help.

    If you use 100mbps it would take some time for 24 people to load a HUGE sg map.
  4. The speed of your network connection will not make a measureable difference anywhere unless you are filling either.
    Unless you are using 100Mbps or more, the two will be identical.

    100Mbps is more than enough in pretty much all cases.
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