1000+ Players Minecraft Hosting?

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  1. So I'm wondering if anyone knows a good Minecraft hosting that can support about 1000+ Plus players. And around 50-100 Plugins. Like a amount of Mineplex's player's? What would be a good minecraft hosting that could support a ton of people in it? Does anyone know one ^-^ It would be great If I could be recommended one (I Am expecting my server to be a big server)
  2. Sorry to ruin your fun but servers that size spend thousands on dedicated servers and run hundreds of seperate instances. And you can't expect to get 1000 players especially when you don't even know what host your getting.
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  3. I would recommend a dedicated server.
    If you need help setting one up (securing, IPTables, maybe multi craft install, ts3, etc pm me)
  4. You can expect all you want, but without custom plugins, unique things, publicity, and a general idea of what's going to happen, I would not bring your hopes that high.
  5. GeorgeHousley123


    You can't hold 1000 players on one server, You could if you use bungee.
    The cheapest way would be 5 OVH servers. (64GB ones)
  6. Weren't you the same person who was gonna use MCProHosting? :confused:
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  7. Nice, expecting 1k players. Just what anyone would do, even ShotBow doesn't have 1k players you expect to get past them?
  8. http://minecraftservers.org/server/138275#stats
    Yep [​IMG]
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  9. no.

    mineplex does not get 1,000 players.
    they get around 25k, on average.

    I would guess mineplex uses some professional dedicated server provider that rents them out more than a few dozen dedicated boxes.
    mineplex use's a Round-Robin DNS system to spread out the player's across multiple cloned hubs.
    (I would guess more than half a dozen cloned lobbys)

    Mineplex I am sure has real experienced system administrators managing their servers.

    if you actually had a plan to form a large server, you would HAVE to have some unique minigame/gamemode idea and already have developers working on it/finished it already.
    -.-, read above.
    never, ever, expect your server to be big.
    not appreciating what your server is currently is exactly what will ruin your server, I have made the mistake before.
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  10. That is 800 not 1k
  11. So many things are repeated on this forum..
    "u need custoom plugins to be popular!"
    "omg u use mc pro hosting?!?!"
    "u cant expect to get poopular over nite! u need utubers & .org!"

    Just thought I'd point that out lol
  12. That's 800 currently on but usually over that. [​IMG]
  13. So many "u"s are repeated in that comment.
  14. Nice graph. Where did you get the statistics from?

  15. JamesJ


    Mineplex is running of SingleHop, and they're fine because they have thousands of smaller instances that hold upto 50 players max.
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  16. Don't just expect to have a large server off the bat. Start small, and grow big. Don't anticipate on starting big, and end up getting nothing
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