1000x1000 region to in-game map

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  1. As I said in title, how to generate a map of 1000x1000 blocks region by using dynmap or manually?
  2. I think dynmap respects world borders, so just add one and then do a fullrender.

    EDIT: If this area hasn't been generated yet, then you'll need to use the WorldBorder plugin or similar to pregenerate it.
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  3. How to get map to my hands I mean :p
    I'm tring to do this for my map:
  4. Oh, lol- I was wondering, you said "in-game map" but then said dynmap... kinda confusing. :D

    So for that you need to just use MapView.setScale. Scale.FAR will be 1024x1024.
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  5. Thanks, I did it :)
    My code:
    Code (Java):
    ItemStack map = new ItemStack(Material.MAP, 1);
    MapView view = Bukkit.createMap(pl.world);

    view.setCenterX(((Location) pl.getConfig().get("Dogma." + pl.world.getName + ".wb")).getBlockX());
    view.setCenterZ(((Location) pl.getConfig().get("Dogma." + pl.world.getName + ".wb")).getBlockZ());

    But map shows only player's loaded chunks, how can I show all of world?
  6. I have never found a way to get a map to auto-populate. You'll have to do a lot of walking, I'm afraid...

    If there's a way to pre-populate a map that's something I'd love to know about.
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  7. :unsure: So, I'll look for it. Thanks for helpful answers!
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