11 TPS with 50 player online

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  2. Drop your render distance.

    I keep mine at 5

    Used to be able to get away with 8-10 on 1.8.
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  3. Have you tried reducing the activation ranges of your entities in the spigot.yml?
  4. here is my activation range in spigot.yml:
    animals: 6
    monsters: 8
    misc: 2
    And my view-distance is 3
  5. Perhaps you have a process load on the processor. Try to kill the process that load your CPU most (/htop and enter /kill PID more loading process)
  6. I guess one of the things we all forgot to ask is what are the specs for your server?
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  7. CPU L5520
    9GB Ram
    50 GB SSD
    i know this specs isn't good for minecraft hosting, but i only host a server 60 slot player
  8. You can lower the load if you pregenerate chunks with plugin like WorldBorder. It will take some time, but you will see way less lag. I usually pregenerate my main world and leave nether and end as they are, because players do not wander alot there.
  9. I have installed Worldborder, but my server is still lag.
    Here is my new timings: https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=16703656
  10. Does Spigot still sleep 10ms between chunk saves or was that patched?
  11. Do you have world edit? Then you should get FastAsyncWorldEdit. I recommend it.
  12. They are running both.
    You installed it but did you set it to generate all the chunks inside the border?
  13. I run a 20 slot server on Intel dn2800mt (low end passive cooled processor). Pregenerating chunks helps alot and i do not get complains about lags unless someone makes something stupid with redstone or spawners.

    As @Foulwerp says WorldBorder has a command to fill the world inside border. So read how to do it, set a reasonable size border and fill it. Keep in mind filling is CPU intensive task and can take alot time(and disk space!). On my server filling 7000 block radius border takes 5+ hours and in that time game is very very laggy. I usually fill worlds when server is empty - there is command to pause and resume the operation.
  14. Thanks for your advice. I will try it at night when my member is sleeping.