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  1. Good Evening,

    Hoping I did not miss some information about it. When using Spigot LagMeter always displays 13 TicksPerSecond, when using Craftbukkit 20 TPS. Is there a reason for this?

    Using latest Spigot and Craftbukkit builds.

    Greetings Zelnehlun
  2. Could I ask the command for the Spigot lag meter? Thanks!
  3. PhanaticD


    yea with maybe some more information too than just tickrate and ram would be really cool
  4. I installed a fresh Spigot Server with the LagMeter plugin installed, nothing else.
    System specs do not matter as it happens on my local computer too. It looks like the server is only doing 13 ticks when using Spigot, maybe it is a bug when using Spigot with LagMeter. The server does not seem to be laggy at all.
  5. I do not experience this issue, butSpigot does modify the tick algorthim (in a very good way) so it may be affecting lag meter.

    the only thing I really noticed is that it shows as less than 20 often but will settle at 20 soon, and has fractions alot more often.

    The main thing is vanilla and craftbukkit sleeps at 1ms intervals, where as Spigot sleeps till next tick (30-49ms), so there is some overhead possibly from exiting sleep that puts it over the 50ms target.
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  6. Thank you very much for that answer, I just want to make sure that the server is not lagging because I do like using Spigot =) I would assume that it is connected with LagMeter.

    Topic can be closed ;)